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2015-07-22 16:38:01 (UTC)

musings for vid documenary

- I rejected wholesomeness, the eerie joy of youthful adults

- Humans love reciprocation.

- As you may imagine, he gets a lot of requests from young guns seeking sage wisdom, peppering the man with requests to "pick his brain" or "bounce an idea off" him.

His response to such canned what-can-you-do-for-me inquiries? Sigh.

- I now prioritize meetings with a new filter: Who is offering me something in return.

- "I’d like to have coffee to bounce an idea off of you and in exchange I’ll tell you all about what we learned about xx."

- a short documentary video series starring..The series’ interviews with the artists seek to explore how they “obeyed their thirst” and worked to achieve their dreams of success.

- The publication settled on a video series due to the medium’s strength in narrative storytelling, and decided to make four videos: one documenting a veteran artist’s story, one about someone currently at the top of the game, and two on emerging artists.

- The four videos, each between two and four minutes long, comprise footage cut from master interviews The Fader team did with each of the artists, as well as B-roll the team shot while spending a day or two following the rappers. The topics covered in the final product were the result of what both Cohn and Patel called a “tedious” back-and-forth process between Sprite and the artists, one that landed on the rappers dispensing words of wisdom and anecdotes about their climbs to the top.

- In order to preserve the authenticity of the finished product, The Fader uses the same production team for its branded content as for its editorial work.
“We don’t separate it because the sweet spot for branded content is to do the stuff that you’d want to do anyway and do it with a brand, and I think having separate teams creates a divide in the voice of the stories we tell,” Cohn said. “We actually like having The Fader voice in all of the branded content that we do.”

- “This content has fit easily into the natural voice of Fader, and our audience has eaten it all up.

- Indeed, the hip-hop audience has always placed a premium on authenticity, and the name of the game is no different for the brands and publishers hoping to win its support.

- Hard to be neutral - The questions you ask indicate a point of view so the