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me and my life
2015-07-22 17:28:49 (UTC)

All day long

Today I got call from shambhavi's mom saying that she is being hospitalized and need some one to be with her till the time they come doing their work. so I rushed to hospital nd stayed there from 2.00pm till 5.45pm I also had no work she had a knee lock problem. this gal is facing some or other problem every next day. god bless.
Tomorrow I have an interview at Mulund lets see hoe it work, ill post it like every time.

My days are getting so wasted and unproductive goshhh I can't believe this is happening to me. :(
anyways things will fall apart in right way I hope.
I everyday stalk sujju on FB, I suppose he is still not going for work coz every time I find him posting some or other senti posts abt love and all. I don't buzz him coz, I don't want him to know by any chance that it's me :P coz he is cunning he will make out by my way of talking then phewww... I do miss him at a times :( but not worth yaar...
m so tired and sleepy.

cyaa gnsdz