My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
2015-07-18 10:56:05 (UTC)

Never Trust too Easily

I am being absolutely pathetic. I am overreacting. I should really shut up. I KNOW, but of course I'm not going to.

Before about 20mins ago I thought I didn't give my trust away too easily. There are 3 people in the world who I tell everything to, my best friend Becca, my boyfriend Kody and my guy-best-friend Jake. It has been proven that I can trust Becca and Kody with everything and they trust me with everything as well. I thought that was the same with Jake, but apparently not.
So basically I was messaging him cause I wanted to talk to me and he said "hey soz I am talking with bae" which is news to me cause we tell each other everything and yet I have never heard of this "Bae". I'm not jealous or anything I was just wondering why I hadn't heard of this person. I asked who his bae is and guess what... it's the girl who I hate. The only person I hate more than this girl is her ex cause together, they ruined my social life (which I rebuilt FYI) and emotionally destroyed my best friend. If you have read my previous entries you may recognise her as A or Alice.
I don't know whether Alice and Jake are dating or whether Alice has replaced me as his girl-best-friend but I thought Jake was definitely better than that. HE KNOWS I HATE HER. HE KNOWS THE WHOLE STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED AND HE KNOWS THAT IT WAS HER AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE.
I am just so confused and pissed and upset and I thought that I could trust him not to hurt me or to at least explain why rather than just stop reading my messages and talking to Alice instead.

Never again will I trust so easy.


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