wet blanket
2015-07-17 12:32:34 (UTC)

This week has been shit. I don't..

This week has been shit. I don't understand. What have I done wrong. Has e found someone better? I mean no surprise there it's not hard to do at all. I am nothing special to him. He said it hin self. I don't know why I would think differently ahha I'm a piece of shit. He knows he would be so much better off without me.

and it hurts so much because I've missed him so fucking badly. And he doesn't. Why am I such a fucking fuck up.

I can't talk to anyone really. I'm not close with anyone. I hate people around people so much I'm so fucking sick of fucking everyone I have had a lump in my throat this whole week begging me to cry so I do it when I fall asleep. I'm just in such a bad fucking place at the moment. I hate my mind.