Story of a Girl
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2015-07-16 17:21:28 (UTC)

Stomach pain again

I've been experiencing some stomach pain for the past week, but it hasn't been so bad until yesterday and today, today being the worst day of the week. When I first started feeling the pain, it would come and go. Kinda like a "hey, I'm here!" and then it'd come back with a "hey, I'm still here!" But as of yesterday, it was more of a "I'M FUCKING HERE" and I honestly don't know why I'm experiencing so much pain? I don't even know how I fell asleep yesterday because sleeping on any side hurt like hell. I woke up today around 10:20am-ish because the pain had started to kick in. I was tossing and turning in my bed, just trying to find a comfortable position for myself. I found that curling myself with a hand between my thighs helped me feel a little less tense, and that's how I spent the majority of my morning in bed. None of my sisters or dad were awake at the time, so it was just me.

I didn't really think it'd be so bad, though. I had the iPad charging at the end of my bed, and someone was calling me through Messenger, but I couldn't even get up to check who it was. I tried sitting up, but that made me feel incredibly heavy and I ended up falling back. I tried grabbing the iPad with my feet, but they felt like noodles--every body part felt limp. I kind of dragged myself to the bathroom because I felt like puking, and then I went over to the kitchen to grab some water... IT MADE EVERYTHING WORSE. I drank water and my stomach started hurting even more, and then I started feeling a sting in my throat--that's when I dragged myself as fast as possible to the bathroom where I ended up throwing up. I crawled back into bed into my little shrimp position and I fell "asleep". I wasn't fully asleep, like, I had my eyes closed and it felt like I was asleep, but I was still fully aware of what was going on around me. It was weird. I "fell" asleep until 12PM when the pain "woke" me up again. I was experiencing chills all throughout my body. I was wrapped in 5 different blankets and I was just COLD EVERYWHERE. I knocked out for about 10-ish minutes before I woke up to see Stephen looking at me. Apparently, HE was the one calling me through Messenger (called me 5 different times) and came to check up on me when I didn't answer; Lizzy had let him in.

He apparently went to the World's Largest Gift Shop (I had no idea that was even in our city...) and found something I might've liked, so he called to tell me but I couldn't find the strength to reach over to the iPad. I told him I wasn't feeling well and he offered to watch over me before going to work. I spent most of the time "sleeping" with him watching me and he'd occasionally take my temperature--I was running a 105 F fever. I honestly didn't feel hot--I was freezing from the inside out and the blankets didn't help me at all. My dad walked into my bedroom to see Stephen taking my temperature and asked if I was fine. We didn't have any medicine and he didn't have the money to stop at CVS so I just had to battle it out myself without any medicine. It was a while after my dad left to work that I decided to get something to eat--I hadn't eaten anything the entire time and maybe I was just a little hungry. Stephen told me he'd just heat something up but I told I was JUST FINE, so I left him in the room while I got something to eat... Except it took me forever to find the kitchen. I turned on the lights in the hallway, and I was pretty much blind for 5 minutes. Stephen came out to find me standing right in front of my bedroom because I honestly just COULD NOT SEE anything. My vision came back a few seconds later and I ate some jell-o with lechera. I was kind of afraid to eat anything, since I was experiencing pain yesterday and eating made it worse; I ate half a banana before I could feel vomit on the back of my throat. My dad had cooked something spicy and I didn't want that making my stomach even more upset. A while later, I was curled up again when the iPad started ringing. I asked who was calling me on Skype and Stephen had told me "Elliot wants to video chat." DUDE. Are you seriously starting shit? I told him to answer the call, but he didn't hand the iPad over. The first thing I heard was Elías sigh and say, "JUST GREAT." My throat was hurting and I was having a hard time speaking, but the majority of the conversation was the two of them calling each other names. "Okay Elijah." and "Just shut up, Stephan." and "ETHAN, GET MY NAME RIGHT."and "STEVEN, YOU WANNA GO?" then there was towards the end, "BIANCA, ARE YOU HEARING WHAT ELBERT IS SAYING ABOUT ME?" Oh my god, I wanted the both of them to shut the FUCK UP. I honestly didn't want to deal with any of their shit so I just let them sort things out themselves. Their whole name calling argument went on for about 10 minutes before I actually got to speak with El. He had to get off, and I fell asleep for another 10 minutes.

Stephen had to leave to get ready for work, but he told me he'd come back after work to check up on me if I still felt any pain. Since then, I've been in bed watching MTV Cribs. I've also started experiencing less chills and I can feel myself heating up, but I'm still hiding underneath the blankets. I have no motivation to move whatsoever because my entire body is just aching right now. I tried to lie down on my right side but NOPE. I'm just going to lie on my back because it's the only way I can be positioned without hurting too much. I'm also having a mini headache that hasn't gone away but I hope it goes away before I fall asleep--IF I can fall asleep tonight. I'm guessing that the rest of my day is going to be spent in bed. I'm going to TRY and take a shower--I just hope my legs don't go limp. I don't want to fall in the shower with shampoo still on my hair. I thought I'd write this, since I'm bored and can't do much. Stephen, YOU'RE A REALLY GOOD FRIEND OKOK. You'll never see this and I'll probably never say it in person but you're a good friend and I appreciate you spending your free time to watch over me.

OH. So my dad had my laptop get fixed (Windows crashed, apparently. For the third time that I've owned that shitty laptop) and I MIGHT be getting it back tomorrow! My dad can't afford the computer I've been asking for, so he offered to get my laptop fixed until he can afford to buy my desktop. AND I still haven't gotten a new phone, but he's currently looking into finding a decent phone for cheap. I found an iPhone 5S for $140 on Craigslist but he wants to wait and see if he could find anything cheaper. I'm pretty excited for these two things.

I've also found myself to be addicted to Sims Freeplay, Battle Cats, Subway Surfers, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. I made Stephen download several apps from the app store on his phone because I was bored but then HE got addicted and I was like, "why are you so addicted to them???" but after trying them out myself... I became an addict like he did. FML. At least they're keeping me occupied, right? OH, AND BRIANA'S BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO DAYS SO I'M PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT THE CAKE. Both our birthdays are with my mom this year, which kind of upsets us both, but HEY, she's going to buy a chocolate cake so I guess it's all good. Briana wants to "TURN UP" and she's pretty excited about turning 13 but... nothing changes. The only thing that really changes is that she gets to say she's 13 and not 12. She's been pretty emotional because of that and I've been teasing her about it.


Me: Why are you so emotional? Seriously though, you cried because we ran out of milk.


My mom was supposed to take us shopping for clothes last Friday, but then she changed it to Monday, and Briana got really emotional because she wanted new clothes. She spent the entire afternoon crying because she wouldn't have new clothes for her birthday meal and I honestly didn't know what the big deal was. My mom told us we'd go shopping at the end of next week, soooooo.

Me: We're gonna go shopping next Friday. You'll still get your birthday clothes.

Briana: NO. My birthday is THIS week, yours is NEXT week. You're gonna get birthday clothes on your birthday week. AND NOW I'M CRYING BECAUSE I CAN'T GET CLOTHES.

Jesus, this girl. She's already having crazy mood swings and I'm so tired of her yelling at me for forgetting to turn the lights off.

I'm gonna get off now because being in front of the laptop screen is definitely not helping my headache. I'm gonna go TRY and take that shower--hopefully it'll make me feel better. And maybe I'll eat some actual food, if the hallway lights don't blind me again. I was just standing there, waiting for my vision to come back and it wasn't very pleasant because I thought I had actually gone blind.

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