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2015-07-14 16:09:59 (UTC)

Still not my freaking month

So this July really sucks for me. I went fishing at this place called Sailor's Bar on the American river. Things were cool. Not a lot of people there so that's a good thing. As it got late, I made it back to the parking lot. Guess what? I came back to a ticket. I thought it was for 7.50. I thought ok, no problem. Told my friend about it and she said she never saw a ticket that cheap and I should reread it. Sure fucking enough. It was not for 7.50. It was for 57.50. I simply had forgotten to put up my annual park pass. Fuck me!!!

I'll try to contest my ticket indicating I have one but simply forgot to put it up. Hoping to be forgiven since I wasn't abusing the system by just sneaking in. I did pay for an annual pass so I'm one of the good guys :)
But I know chances are that I will be screwed and will have to pay for the fine. Fuck fuck fuck.

I still have the Ex blocked from texting. So it's been quiet there. That at least gives me some peace.

Anyway diary. I'm going to try to get my fishing gear ready and fish for a couple of hrs

Later Diary,

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