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me and my life
2015-07-13 07:32:02 (UTC)

Super stressed ut

Right now my status is that " AM FUCKED UP" in all fucking ways.
I am so upset, regretting over many things, sad on my destiny, fucked up, feeling like loser and miserable all the bad emotions can come up has comeup to me. I am so damn stressed out.
I JUST FIND NO WAY OUT. I feel so tired of dealing all these things everyday. One by one all bad is happening one by one and the way out is blurrr.

No job is the biggest problem of my life. No job then no money no money no shopping no fun no life.... god damn when will i come out of this gutter. I wanna get rid of this all. Can't i get a simple job simple life. why do i always suffer. I dont know something is wrong some where.
I feel so miserable feel like crying, I feel pity for myself. really what horrible situation I'm in.
Fucking gay bastards my boss are not giving me my documents. and i am so pissed. so much disturbed coz of them. I curse them for onluy and only loss in business and can never survive in business world. roger that.

Ill fight n get out of it soon although I do not any way to come out.