Time to reinvent myself
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2015-07-12 02:19:25 (UTC)

Day 1 of the new me

Hi To all that is reading this entry

Day 1 of my new transformation.

I'll give you a bit of background.

I'm 52years old but feel like a 100. I have 3 wonderful kids that are all adults and have their own lives and 1 grandbaby who is one of the reason that I need to reinvent myself. I want him to get excited about coming to grandma's house and not say to mum and dad oh do I have too.


On the 21 November 2012 at 1.59pm my life changed forever. I received a phone call to say the my partner of 10 years had a heart attack and was on his way to hospital. I was dam scared but my head kept saying he will be ok he promised you that you will be having wheelchair racing in the old age home. When I eventually arrived at the hospital I was taken to an side room and said that he is in a bad way and was having machines breathe for him and then I knew in my heart that I had lost him and 2hrs later I was sitting beside his lifeless body wishing and begging to GOD to bring him back to me but no he was gone and my life changed forever.

We had so many dreams of travel and how we were going to spoil our grand kids when they arrived but they were all in taters and I just wanted to curl up beside him and die also but I had some great people around me at that time that wouldn't allow it.


So here I am today alive but not embracing life. All I do is just live day for day hoping that the magic fairly will come along and make my life better but I have come to the conclusion that its me, I'm the one that has to make my life better and start enjoying life again and do the things that we both wanted to do.

That is one of the reasons that I've started this blog is to help me to achieve the goals I want.

My ultimate goal is to take 6months off work and travel the world and if possible in certain countries to get work visas so I can fund this journey.

To do this there is several ongoing steps that I must undergo to do this.

Task 1 - Get my qualification in Accountancy
Task 2 - Eat more sensibly for example must eat 3 meals a day every day
Task 3 - Get fit to be able to travel.
Task 4 - Look after my face as when I look at photos of myself I look old and tired and save the money to go and get fill-ins and injections to plump the lips up. Yes I know it might be a silly goal for some of you but this is what I feel I need to do to achieve my travel.

I have worked this out on a 12 month plan and this time next year my entry will ready Bag packed tickets booked fly out today first stop will be ......... and I can then give entries on my wonderful travel journey.

Task 1 - Qualifications
I have already started on that course organised books at a ready. My goal is to do at least an hour every night and on week-end 2-3hrs

Task 2 - Eating Pattern
That started this morning I made myself some porridge and cut up strawberries and banana's and finished that about an hour ago.
I have done some research and they say to wait 2hrs before you start exercising after a heavy meal. So the washing is on going to do the house work which will only take me an hour as I live by myself except for the dog. Then I can start on Task 3

Task 3 - Getting fit to be able to travel
Over the years I've done the gym thing, personal trainers and spend lots of money and have not achieved were I wont to be so Ill do it my way. If anyone has any suggestions on exercised that I can do or food I should be eating please feel free to let me know as I will need all the help I can get. Today I'm going to go onto the treadmill and walk for an hour. As they say baby steps first so will do this and then research for other exercises I can do and will look online to buy some second hand weights.

For me to achieve this I had better go and get started. I will write in my blog/journal every week and let you all know how I'm going or if nobody reads this I can track my progress.

Happy week 1 people and enjoy it as life is far to short.

SPG xoxox

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