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2015-07-09 10:34:19 (UTC)

No Time To Name This Entry

July 9, 2015 Thursday 10:34 AM

That Natalie Evans song is stuck in my head again. I'm in class right now, but we're on a short break. I've been thinking about Elise today, a lot more often than usual. She's in the back of my kind always, but it's weird today. Usually I don't have time to think in this class, which I absolutely LOOOVE. But she's in there anyway, today. Does this make sense?? I'm typing fast🔮🔮

I just have a painful urge to talk to her and I half want it to go away. I shall now continue my skull drawings. I can't wait until I have time to actually write and talk to people! But I'm going to miss this class ughhhhhh I'm torn

I just want a reply from her