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2015-07-06 22:54:07 (UTC)

7/5/15 Sunday

Was all good. He made comments on phil then i 反咬一口 with model. The arguement got geated like always. He said something stupid like i slept with her longer than we known each other. That pissed me off even more. I told him to stop but he wont. I got so annoyed that i grabbed my bags and got up and left and walked on the street for hours. He didn't stop me in the house but followed me. Called dad. I still won't go in the beginning. After a while, I decided to go with him. He drove off. Fell asleep on recliner after I got home. Dad cooked. Had to call him because left purse and return clothes in his car. He came back by midnight. He went down at 1. I stayed up reading books until 2.

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