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2015-07-04 04:12:12 (UTC)

7/3/15 Friday

Episode salon. I could have gotten 20%. Surprised when he told me the price $149. I could have gotten cheaper and better without any Groupon. Well. Learn from the mistake. Stonestown for MAC mkp over. Thought it was at Macy's but it was at Nordstrom. Planned to try the products but didn't have time to grab. Well, it didn't come out what I liked but it was kind free. Pick her up. Home get speaker and viagra gel. Got to hotel at 5:30. Upstairs to change. Reception. Cocktail hour. He was complaining I said the wrong things in front of his fds. Dinner. Parking lot. Safeway bought alcohol. Hotel rooms. I was so bored. Expressed me not wanting to be there but he wanted to stay so. Left at 3.