A lady in the crowd
2015-07-08 01:47:29 (UTC)

A Letter to Myself.

The human mind is a sickening thing. When you yell at your significant other and say, "Just leave already." But a tiny part of you whispers,"please stay." You crave the deepest connections with others but you never trust anyone enough to unlock all of your doors. To let your guard down and to let them in. Remind yourself to stop pretending to be strong. After all it's all an act for show. An incredible hulk is nonexistent nor is there anything that is entirely indestructible. We all share unique flaws and imperfections. So be a breakable thread; and cry tear drops on your acoustic guitar when you play Johnny Cash.

Those moments when you sit alone on a patio in San Diego and stare at a beautiful view of the ocean. Scream my hurt broken child and express all sorts of rusty emotions that have overwhelmingly piled up over time. Be a wreck and pour yourself out all at once. No one but you will know when moments of weakness strike, but when they do you mind as well wear it like a badge.

~Yours Truly,

To my readers: My sincere apologies for not updating daily. It's been difficult to have hold of a chrome book. Keep in mind that when my blog isn't updated I can be found scribbling away within the pages of my journal.