A lady in the crowd
2015-07-06 01:24:44 (UTC)

Fourth of July.

Fourth of July was a dreary day of Chinese, Engineering, and a bus kill for an Algebra II exam. Classes ended earlier due to the holidays. We went to the Cinema to watch the premiere of Terminator in 3D. Then the ladies and I were off to explore into the mall. Boy did most of them shop till they dropped. Spending cash until change was the only thing giggling in their back pockets. The night held an illuminated dark sky full of loud pretty fireworks. The squad: Andrew, Alejandra, Izamar, Naily, and I sat under the stars as we munched on our snacks; and we watched a second movie in the row. This week has been good. Days that make me sweat right through my thick cottoned shirt. I'm thinking of shutting my eyes; and about how much my pillow misses me. But the clock is warden and time slips away quickly.

~Yours Truly,