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2015-07-04 02:55:42 (UTC)

I'm back

Rio de Janeiro, July 03th, 2015

Ok, i disappeared for a while, but i came back. And i have a feeling that every friday something bad happens to me. In a friday i destroy a car, the other i'm dragged by a bus and today i was humiliated in public. Yes, humiliated.

I will explain, i was doing a seminar for history class. I was talking about Vasco da Gama. It was a group of 5 people and one of them was not there because she is pregnant. Ok, so far so good. Only got worse when we were reading our work in front of everyone and we realized that what we were reading was taken from a site that make jokes about this things.

It was humiliating, i read absurd things and had not even noticed. Whole class laughed at us. the teacher, on the other hand, in addition to laugh at us, forgive us and said he had no guilt. Who did all the work was pregnant girl and it was a slutty what she had done. My note fell, but i understand.

The teacher still hugged me to console me. He told me not to be sad because the fault was not mine. But i'm not sad. I feel humiliated, diminished, ashamed of what happened. Whole school knows, including the boy i like. But i talked to him about it and he told me not to be sad because see me in that way let him very sad.

(...) I think i'm dying here.

- Brooke

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