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me and my life
2015-07-02 06:26:45 (UTC)

how bitch i am ...

Yes m such a bitch. I get irritate on mom evrytime almost evryday.
I vent my frustration on her. i shuold not do this. I take her for granted somtimes.
Today wen my sis also spoke lil irritably to her she got upset she said nobody is good to me, all gets angry on me, no one is good with me m tired ... i got hurt. i am sorry mom ill make sure i wont get irritate on u now.
I have pathetic life evrything except her so i shud care her but evrytime i vent my irritation on her :( m so damn bad. i am feeling so guilty. she neva did dis, i am jobless so she neva questioned me, pressured me abt that i always prove her wrong n i am such a rascal. I AM SO SORRY MOM. I LOVE YOU. :(
I promise ill not angry on her or get irritate on her.

sis bday is on 3rd. we r goin there for her bday at her place.

& my life is such a mess. phewww god pls bring me out of this. plss plss
i have to some how now work wat i dont like to. :( kuch tho accha ho yaar.

chalo bye m cooking for mom today. cya
i am sorry again.