A lady in the crowd
2015-07-02 04:28:11 (UTC)

Day Three.

I feel Calexico as a long far ancestor. It's only day three in
San Diego, but so much has changed throughout these past few days. UCSD is an entirely different World. For a month these apartments shall become my new home. I've grown close to my roommates, and new friends. There are some people that remain engraved on your mind. Certain faces that pop up in the final moments before I'm about to fall sleep. Only to walk into a deep chamber of dreams about these few special people. Like Joel Navarete who is easy to talk to. I share a deepened admiration towards this young man whom was only a stranger a week ago. Indeed he's a favorite character from my most precious novel.

Then there's a big busted woman named Alejandra with a laughter that's loud enough to revive the dead. Sometimes her jokes are funny, but when they're not she'll laugh at her own punch line anyways. Naisy, a listener with open ears who's passion is to listen to people's problems. Perhaps one day I'll walk into her clinic and she'll be my therapist. Gabrielle, a younger sister of one of my ancient lovers. But then there are the bystanders who quickly fade away into forgotten memories.

I scored a goal during a soccer game in fitness class. I punched my chest and ran up to the guys and high-fived my compadres. Oscar asked me to lead the run, and we all jogged up the hills. The skies were darkened gray and it began to rain just the way I like it. Roaring thunder filled my ears as we finished up our workout. We went to our final period: Chinese. The girls developed a liking towards Loa Zou. I was happy class was over. Off the food courts!

~Yours Truly,