2015-06-30 23:03:50 (UTC)

Some Boring Stuff

"Silent Movies" by Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear

June 30, 2015 Tuesday 11:09 PM

I'm feeling a lot better today. I mean, I was fine yesterday, but still kind of... eh (words are definitely working for me today).

I woke up at 2 PM and tried to shake off the feeling that always seems to give me, so the day has been realllllyyy short.

Last night, I read two chapters of The Scarlet Letter. I thought I was going to hate it, but it's actually really beautiful. Dense, but beautiful.

I was going to read some today, but I'm really worn out, which is the same reason I'm three days behind on my history reading ughghghgh. I'm not stressed, I don't have to take the quiz until Monday.

I think I'm going to keep both A.P. classes until further notice.

So I woke up, cleaned the kitchen, drank some coffee, and then took a shower. Ethan came over at some point. Me, Ethan, and Caroline all went to the humane society.

We!!! Met this cutie cat called Opal! She was calico (mostly white with orange and black) and when she saw us, threw herself against the cage gate in a desperate attempt to get our attention, ahah. She's like a year old but hasn't lost her kitten face. Has those big, big eyes, and they're golden. SHE'S SO CUTE. WE WANTED TO TAKE HER HOME AND NAME HER CAT STEVENS BUT WE WEREN'T SURE THE PARENTS WOULD APPROVE AND PRIORITY IS PUPPY.

The doggies were in the next room and only two of them seemed to be a good fit, one called Xander and the other called Dixie. Xander is already being adopted, though.

I really loved Dixie. She's a german shepherd mix, like April was. Actually, they looked very similar. They had the same eyes and body and face. Plus, Dixie is like five and some months old, close to April's age. The only real difference is the fact that they're two different dogs and Dixie was all one color. Brown, like chocolate.

Unfortunately, the lady-woman said that "it's best if Dixie is in a home without cats" and I guess I understand. Dixie didn't seem too excited anyway. But I liked that she was low key AND I WANTED TO ADOPT HER AND CALL HER DIXIE CUP, UGHH.

At least we got to play with Opal/Cat Stevens. Plus, I got to see a lil doggy face like that of my buddy's, which I wasn't expecting to see ever again.

There were some bunnies but I'm not really a bunny person. I don't understand them. They're beautiful and soft and cute, and maybe when I'm an adult, I'll buy one and love it, but for now, eh.

I do love bunny legs, though. I once saw a bunny all stretched out and their legs are soooo lonnnnggg and soooo creeeepy and of course, I'm into that.

The dog search is on.

I got home, cleaned the dining room, and also cooked dinner (Breaded chicken rolls??? Which are like pieces of chicken breast rolled with cheese and sauce and things inside it. I'd never made those before but they were pretty good).

I talked to Alexis here and there today, and I texted Laney about Dixie, but other than that, today has been a solitary day.

I don't think I mind.

Good night. I'm trying to go to sleep earlier so that I can wake up at reasonable hours again.

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