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2015-07-01 01:27:21 (UTC)


Therefore; the storm has cleared. I know sometimes we have a different agenda, all days the same just different results and different circumstances, yet we keep fighting the good fight of our presence in society. Sometimes we have a rough day, maybe two or maybe three, all in all it's the same status to try our best to focus on friendship and trust... It appears to me that when the storms hit hard that trust is critical to tap into and to know better in the midst of the thunder skies... Hang in there & you'll see this to be true. Your mind is a very potent force to your freedom., and yes forgiveness is the foothold to no remorse and a merciful agenda of love. So the true path way to peace is definitely recognized as a power for prosperity & yes freedom. Let go and know you are loved as a brother and that love stands the test of time...