Experienced Life
2015-06-30 10:02:59 (UTC)

The Ex is still trying to cramp my style

So, I'm just a normal or as normal as can be divorced man. I'm keeping positive trying to make the most of my life. I'm older so I've completed my education, have a great job, lots of hobbies, and I make the most of my weekends.

However, the ex just has to cramp my mojo. Apparently, she stalks my fb profile. One slip and she sees what I post. She isn't on my friends list and only friends or friends can see my stuff. I found out that if you post a video directly from your phone to your fb, it can go there as "public" viewable.

So, that's what happened. I have nothing to hide. I was out with a friend with her kiddos. We went to Pacifica pier to do some crab fishing. Spent the day there and it was great! Lots of fun for sure. I posted some short vids of the crab we caught.

The ex watched it. She freaked and said that I abandoned and replaced our kiddos. Sigh....Sometimes I just don't have enough energy to deal with my ex psycho. Usually I do. I'm used to it and I had a lot of practice for years now. It's that I know that life is short. I don't want to spend it on negativity anymore. Life is too short and I don't need to fill it with anymore of it. I think I had more than enough time spent swimming in pain, grief, anxiety, sadness, etc. I'm crystal clear on what I want to fill my life with. This aint it.

This is the last day of my little short vacation. I need to make the most of it. I should go fishing for a couple hrs.