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2015-06-28 23:39:48 (UTC)

6/28/15 Sunday

Fight again. Was all good. Going to his niece bday party. Surprised to see his ex there. Made him uncomfortable and I pissed too. Brought up pics in camera. He said he sent her gifts for bday and Xmas and she ignored him and shit. 和他不爽。他也show on the face. I wanted to leave and he thinks he lost face. He said he will never marry me nor give me anything. Then why even be with him. I'm just giving birth to our son. Our relationship is baby mom and baby dad. I can't be with a guy that doesn't think I'm the best and treats me the best. I won't even be with him if he is not marrying me. Bought flower for his fd mom. Dropped off hospital. Home. I came downstairs. He is regretting again. Probably complained to my dad. But whatever. I'm not going anywhere with him. He actually complained to his mom. I sincerely hope he go find his true love instead of feeling regret and stuck with me.

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