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2015-06-28 21:35:19 (UTC)

Back to basics

I worry so much about my finances. My income does not completely cover all my commitments. I am trying to get a good handle of my finances. My biggest worry is my mortgage. I have to find a way to sustain the monthly payment on this mortgage until the court case by end of October. I have to. I also have to refund the money I borrowed from friends. I have to make these refunds this month. The combination of these refunds and my mortgage payment is a big worry for me as I know my income does not cover all. That is why I have gone back to my sport and financial trading for this month. The advantage of this trading is that it gives you hope for extra income (if you know what you are doing with a bit of luck) but has the counter effect of you may end up losing money. It’s a delicate balance that may go wrong if you are not careful or know what you are doing. I hope I make some money this month to make the payments I have stipulated above. I also have the regular bills and other social commitments to think about (a very good friend is getting married in Belgium in August so I have to travel there).
The best way to seek financial freedom for me is to get a job that pays well. I am targeting end of October to get that job so I need to work extraordinarily hard between now and October to get that job. I plan to have a discussion with my current employers about a salary rise. This may not be until end of July to be effective end of October as we have all just been forced to take 4% pay cut. My salary is now the lowest it has ever been in 17 years. I need to go back to basics. Keep my focus, put the work and pray.