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2015-06-28 21:32:49 (UTC)


I just want to write a few things down. Writing is very therapeutic I find. I find it very upsetting that I can’t really translate to words exactly how I feel is the most hurtful aspect of my divorce case. Let me try. Throughout the marriage I tried my best to not inconvenient her on anything. I did not bring any requirements to the association. I didn’t ask her for any special treatment or change anything in her life. I just wanted her to be happy. I didn’t demand anything from her.
When I see how she is determined to wreck my life it is quite very sad. She has tried to ruin me financially but that did not work. She has tried to nail me with domestic violence that did not work and now she is trying her best to ruin my reputation with all and sundry. I keep on hearing different stories about my terrible antics. Some of them include:-
(1) Coming home drunk and beating her up
(2) Coming home drunk still wearing a condom
(3) How my bank statements were full of (cheap) hotel bookings with prostitutes that the pastor that was trying to mediate for us stopped the mediation.
(4) I am in a relationship and I flaunt it
The entire above are lies. I find it frightening that she will go to this extraordinary length to lie. Of all the things that have happened since the breakup of the marriage it is her lack of integrity (coming to light) that has been most pungent.