My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-06-28 11:23:47 (UTC)

Sort of First Kisses and Fun Days

So today I went up to McDonalds and the sports oval near my place with some friends and the boyfriend and it was awesome.
It basically consisted of being stupid, the girls and I running into the woods away from the boys, lots of hugs and my first kiss... pretty awkward but still amazing.
Basically, when I was saying goodbye to my boyfriend I just kinda pecked him on the lips then when I saw his shocked face I buried my face in his shoulder and said "Sorry, I just wanted to try that." He just laughed and hugged me.
I'm not sure if a peck on the lips counts as a proper kiss (help me out here?), but I'm counting it as a first kiss.
It's really funny though cause I was just texting my boyfriend and he said sorry that he doesn't know how to kiss and how I deserve a boyfriend who can kiss me properly and I just told him not to apologise cause I don't know what I'm doing either and said that we should just practice more. I'm pretty sure that made him laugh so I am happy.

When I was walking home with a couple of friends after leaving Maccas and the field I could not stop grinning like a maniacal idiot. I was just skipping/walking along grinning. Hey, at least I didn't feel like shit.