A lady in the crowd
2015-06-27 20:55:30 (UTC)

Darkness at It's Fullest .

Pieces of my insides
Torn up heart
Hidden behind a Sickening mentality.
Shines a wicked grin.

It's far to dark to see
To late to fix a broken past
Impossible to travel back in time
To cure yesterdays disease.

A voice yells,
"Wake up!" Awaken from a nightmare
Come face to face
To a worsening reality.

Whispering "Good morning Sunshine,"
Yet where is light?
My eyes wide open
Yet nothing seems clear.

A World stands before me
Beneath my open eyelids
Only darkness

~Yours Truly

Authors Note: I was asked what I think is the most important health benefit someone could have. I believe it's my eyesight. Life itself wouldn't be the same if I were to be blind. Without my beautiful eyes I wouldn't be able to explore, and my curiosity would slowly burn out. I'm grateful to have an excellent eyesight, and to not have any need to wear glasses. I do what I can to take care of my vision, to nurture my darling; anything to protect my precious.