A lady in the crowd
2015-06-27 06:38:01 (UTC)


I'm a mastermind at forming plans but a plan is never meant to be trusted, since it may not always work out. My written schedule for the most part involves work and business. I take it serious and put in all of my effort in order to get things done. All plans on this organized to do list are completed as quickly as a race. The real task is to find spare time. Where all of the real action begins.

This early morning was the final morning of Cross Country practice. To my beloved main runners whom I consider like family: Alexandra Espinoza, Jessica Chavez, and little Chantel. Saying goodbye, even only for a matter of short weeks, leaves me devastated. I'll miss each and every one of our dog pack. Together we shared a group hug. Then Coach Rojas and the ladies wished me the best of luck and advised me to continue training. And I will: intensely.

I proceeded by attending the clinic in Mexicali. After the doctor's appointment, we drove throughout Mexicali to say farewell to my closest family members. In return to my home, I had a tennis double match with Kimberly, Evelyn, and Zachery. Throughout each point, backhand, countless arguments whether it was 'in' or an 'out'; and somewhere between our giggles of laughter time melted away and the sun hid away beneath the mountains. These little moments are actually a big reminder for me to act as regular teenager should.

Needs to say that I'm proud to say that I've completed my three AP summer assignments in a time frame of less than a month. I washed my laundry and began packing my luggage. All was done with my schedule as I grinned widely. It's a half empty moon, with light winds. Perfect for lurking and exploration. My nose sniffled up like a military dog on a hunt for drugs. As if I were a detective searching to solve an unknown mystery. I climbed rooftops, and trespassed into abandoned buildings. Patiently invading each empty street, and roaming beneath the edge of the American canal, all to watch the moonlight glisten against the crashing waters.

~Yours Truly,

Authors Note: I'm looking for something, but I'm not to sure what it is that I'm searching for.