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2015-06-26 17:54:24 (UTC)

Things To Do

June 26, 2015 Friday 5:54 PM


Read Five Pages of History Textbook and take notes on it. Recall what you read previously.

Reading online AP Biology textbook and attempt to answer some of the assigned questions. Figure out if you want to drop this class or not (it might be too time-consuming to take two AP classes this year)

Water plants ✔

Sit by April ✔

Practice ukulele and sing to her

Drink water ✔

Begin writing letter to Dude

Read Tao Te Ching

Being reading The Scarlet Letter for english

Do laundry

Organize room a bit more

Get out of the house, even if you don't have a reason


I had a realization but it kind of hurts to think about so instead let's just talk about some mundane stuff

I love girls, haha.

I'm talking to Polaris right now via snapchat and we're great. She goes, "Since same sex marriage is legal now, how about you and I get married"

Hell yes, Polaris, let's get married.

I played a stupid game until about 2 AM last night and then ended up talking to Alexis until half past four. I know I said I wasn't in the mood to talk last night but I changed my mind as I got sleepier, haha.

I was already sleep deprived yesterday and I don't even remember falling asleep. I didn't wake up until like 3 PM though. IT WAS AWFUL. I HATE WAKING UP THAT LATE, IT'S GROSS AND WEIRD AND UNNATURAL.

I got a letter from my school today. I thought it was my test grades but it was actually a packet that outlined my AP biology course.

I have so much to do today ugh.

I was going to go to that dinner with my mom and dad but it was at six and my dad didn't tell me that until like twenty minutes ago so :(

I was actually looking forward to human contact, even if they're older people.

I'm going to finish this level and then go do something with my life. I kind of like having to do things around the house, like homework and whatnot. It makes me feel like I'm going somewhere.

I'm looking at a picture of me as a tiny person.

I was cute.

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