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me and my life
2015-06-26 07:44:13 (UTC)

Fish fry and happiness

yeah!! Frying fish gives me immense happiness. I love seafood to cook and also to eat.
Well I am at home only. with my new company my Lappy. I am proud that,I bought Lappy by my own. I have ordered for MK watch supa sexy man i just cannot wait for it to come in my hand, I have already imagined myself in white shirt, blue denim, heels and golden sexy watch flaunting on my wrist yuhoooo. I just love new thing to buy.

I am all positive these days as i think soon good things will come on my way. I am gonna be blessed soon, i believe in My ganpati bappa. I know ill soon get job. it better to accept than crying on it. i have accepted it that my life is full of struggle than why to cry when you know it has to happen. Just keep faith in uparwala he will soon make all fine. I really dont wanna cry, crib and waste my days instead will do what makes me happy.

Couple of days back i have given interview at Tiny owl 100% field it was so tiring. After 6 hrs of interview process i headed to nearby mall to smack on some Dunkin Donuts burger and Donut. I pampered myself which made me happy. Ill b happy only now. I really miss sujju alot. It makes me go awww :( and regretting things n hoping things were different. I hope he is fine. God pls tc of him. i mish u babudi :( :* i wish you culd have be truthful and gentleman we could have been together now planning our future. Jo hota hai ache k liye hota hai.
missing him just make me go in thoughts.

nothing else. cyaaa
god bless all and ya soon m gonna have tattoo..