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2015-06-23 07:07:52 (UTC)

scooty ride + stupid day

yest i was suppose to go to mall with mom but then made plan with payal. she has sccooty, we drove till mall and i wanted to buy for sissy somthg for her birthday. we roamed for around 3 hrs but i couldnt find anythg good.she wanted formals she tried few but none were good fitting her shoe was stinking like hell yukkss in trail room... :/ still after all ghadha walk she n her frend bough 3 tees for 600 i also tried but dint look good on me coz of my tummy :( then we roamed in vicinity for wind sheeter, shoes n wat all she wantd to buy. stupid thg is i coudnt buy anythg coz i dint liked anythg. all i shell out for mc d pheww. i returned at 10.00pm n saw hat dad had touched my lappy and as he is illiterate he couldnt off my lappy n it was 9% low on battery STUPID MAN huh...

i am huting for job evryday i apply no positive response. i hope ill get it soon or else ill opt for wateva comes on my way :( mayb tom i migh go for walkin. lets see :( so sad. sitting at home sucks.
yest i went thru sujju profile, its so unimpressive i told him 100 times to delete such posts n pics but he neva listen dto me and some how some wer i got the satisfaction n felt good abt my decision of discontinuing wit him. he is actually n absolutely not ment for me. but i loved him still :( mish him. miss being loved n being in love n cuddles n all :(

love ya re kutte... janede jo hota hai ache k liye hota hai hope u r fine.

yest enjoyed scooty ride but no rains how unlucky i am :(not a single drop can u imagine it rains almost evryday but it dint yest coz i wanted to drench.

anyways cyaaa