2015-06-19 14:35:59 (UTC)

6/18/15 Thursday

I was on wechat. He couldnt sleep. We didnt talk. Got up to go work with dad. He offered to drive me. But i have do nany things to do. Was feeling nausea and short of breath in the office bug had to go do all these things. Quest. Sears pick up top, took forever. Chase withdraw from my account and deposit to dad. Walmart to return. Eye doctor wanting to get 2 free trail pair but still waiting. Oakland manicure, it was too far to drive here. $10 gel is worth it but need go somewhere close. Came to pedicure early, waited. Pedicure was so not worth it. The $20 would do just fine. Plus parking, driving, traffic. Serramonte to exchange motherhood. He called, need go see his mom. Went home. He was still pulling his hair, disgusted by me. Nothing I can do. bought togo. Ate at his mom's. Talked until 11pm. Home. Continue my gold digging slut conversation. Went to sleep.

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