Brooke the goat

can you not
2015-06-20 21:01:19 (UTC)

I destroyed a car and it was not my

Rio de Janeiro, Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Then yesterday i was coming home from school, i was cool as fuck and Mikky Ekko was playing at full volume in my headset. For some reason, i do not remember that I was in a hurry to get home. My backpack was too heavy and i ended up accidentally hitting her in the rearview mirror of a car. And when I looked back at the mirror i was hanging on wires. I did what any honest and kind person would do, i ran like there was no tomorrow and i don't looked back. But before running i looked the shit i had done and when i realized there was a woman with her two children and they were watching me.

I stayed in with a fucking fear, because besides the woman and the children have seen the criminal at the crime scene, the car was parked in front of the house of gossipy neighbor. That's when my mind screamed "YOU ARE FUCKED AS FUCK BITCH". Well, today i had to go out with my mother and when i was coming to home i saw people around the car and i was like, "God is my end" and when i got closer i realized that the car was intact, as if nothing had happened. Look i don't know if it's the same car, but it was very similar.

There are only three explanations for what happened:
- The car's owner is rich and covenanted at once
- Is not the same car
- It was all a nightmare

(the second is the most likely and the most realistic)

But what happened was great because i didn't need an excuse to talk with him. Oh, and about him ... i talk about it tomorrow, today i already said too much. It's too much information for a first day.

- Brooke

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