Brooke the goat

can you not
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2015-06-20 20:24:01 (UTC)

Just a little about me

Rio de Janeiro, Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Ok, i don't know how to start. I was never very good with presentations. so... all i write now may be a great shit. I am a Brazilian girl with 15 years. Always wanted to create a blog and use it as a diary, but thought someone in my family would find out or someone from my high school would find out and humiliate me. But it does not matter anymore. since my psychologist changed jobs i have no one to say what i'm feeling. I don't trust my friends (i don't trust myself). Most social networks that i have my friends have and this is the only place that i can hide. That's it, i think it will be a great therapy.
I'm sorry for my English. it is not the best but it's much better than my Spanish

- Brooke

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