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2015-06-17 04:43:35 (UTC)

What I'll Miss the Most.

"What will you miss the most while you're away?"
I can only assure you that there won't be a 'most'. But whom and what things will I miss? The question caught my curiosity and took me into a deep trail of thought. It pondered my mind for hours.

San Diego is a nearby. A quick two hour journey. Attending a university for a month will be an introduction to new things like San Diego residents, people from high school's throughout the entire Imperial Valley, and even to a new language: Japanese. I'm hopeful that the food will be editable, that my apartment has a decent amount of space; and I kiss my four leaf clover for roommates with an appealing attitude. I don't overthink the rest of it because I can't tell you beforehand. At least until I experience it. I may be homesick, or maybe not. I don't know, the worst and best are both possible. Overall when the time comes the present will give it's final verdict. For now my answer is: Sometimes a few exceptions exist where questions aren't meant to have an answer.

My grandmother is currently having her second eye surgery this morning. Inocencia's under the knife because she's having her cataracts taken out. The purpose is to prevent future blindness. Her first eye surgery was a success, and she claimed to have the clear vision of a healthy child. I'm praying that everything is going well. I would've gone to the hospital with her but, I need to take full advantage of training in cross country. My days are counted and each day is scarce. There is a lot of unfinished business within my personal life. A lot hangs above thin ice, though I will do the best I can to say and do what is right. The cherry on top is completing all of the AP summer assignments. At least as much as possible. They're three courses that each involve hours of writing assignments, and reading. Thank heaven for being a writer and bookworm!

~Yours Truly,