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2015-06-16 04:34:39 (UTC)

6/15/15 Monday

got home from Lin. watched the last episode of game of throne. i was browsing fb. and showed him Vince pics. i was talking about how big a loser he is but he got so mad, threw the remote at TV and punched and broke the TV. got him a cigarette from dad. i went downstairs. took a shower. he came down and talked/yelled to me. he said he is so disgusted by me and can't see me or sleep in the same bed, he was going to his mom's. dad came down to talk to me after hearing him leaving. well, now i just need to give birth to my son and then we should just part our ways. i was thinking about going to work but how could i go to sleep. watched youtube until 6. fell asleep. got up at 3. cooked oatmeal. dad came home at 7. he didn't come back. i'm suspecting maybe his booty call came back from China, now he can do whatever without me knowing? so cold today, my legs r freezing. i'm going downstairs to clean my stuffs.