A lady in the crowd
2015-06-14 05:12:09 (UTC)

Anne On A Daily Bases.

The morning's first rays of sunlight entered my room. Five in the morning, an excellent time to rise and shine. I quickly changed, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and closely judged my features in the mirror. Where is my stance? What's my strongest weakness? I deliberately answered each question. I ran into my room and quickly wrote down my answers in Black Comp: 0207.
Any sort of good work takes time to develop. No one can cook delicious foods in a flash. I took my time in making my family: banana pancakes, boiled eggs, coffee, and chopped slices of red apples. The three of us ate breakfast as we watched a Shirley Temple movie. I'm a big fan of hers: what a uniquely talented and charismatic youngster!
The early afternoon was a happy hour for me. Melanie, Juan, Leda, and went to the gym. We're determined to master the splits (With the exception of Juan). Out of all of the cardio, Palates, and yoga I've done, leg stretches ranks as a top challenger. I crossed my fingers in hopes that I won't pull a joint before Cross Country. We're almost there; One stretch at time.
Later on, Grandma and I went to Imperial Valley's mall. We dived into various sporting good stores. Searching for the perfect running shoes. At last, I found my ideal pair. Even better I could afford my Nike's with cash from my own wallet. I felt excitement to run so I asked her to drop me off near a field. It's going to take a while to get use this, especially to break these babies in. The atmosphere was thickly humid, but I adored each droplet of sweat that fell off on my body.
The sun set and I grabbed my car keys. I washed and vacuumed my Liberty Jeep. I consider my car like the little brother I never had. I call him by the name of Andrew Jackson. One day I'll buy a ball sack, and I'll hang those big nuts under my bumper.

~Yours Truly,