A lady in the crowd
2015-06-13 12:20:26 (UTC)

"It." The Bad Thing.

"One vision, Two visions, Three visions, Four, visualize it. They all come true, they always do. Stick around pretty the more the merrier. Watch it collapse before your very eyes. The clock won't manage to strike early dawn. No light will come inside of mesmerizing darkness. A beautiful and diabolical tragedy."

It's voice roared in a long maniac laughter. Something thunderous, loud, and powerful. I was blown away. My eardrums exploded, bringing a triggering pain. Flashing visions of 'the bad thing' appeared. I don't want see it. Please not again. I refuse to agree with this vision becoming a reality.

It refused for me to call It evil, categorizing itself under.

"Fate. is drawn by free will. The idiot will chose a path with a dead end. He will choose his damned destiny. That doesn't make me a sinister spirit. Am I right maiden? Answer me."

"ANSWER ME!" It's voice shrieked. It's impact rocking me back and forth. Causing my stomach to feel nauseous.

"WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! We know The Craft well. A Hag marks under evil." I said below my breath.

"Am I evil because I slipped a drop of poison into a drink? We make it clear. The beverage looks rotten, but they'll drink it anyways. They always do. Humans feed off it, they beg for it, they need us as their entertainment. Without us lives build a repetitive boring chain of events. Am I really the bad one because I asked a witch to curse you? I never touched black magic, I'm no 'Hag'. Lamia is evil becau-."

"Lamia is an angel compared to a provoker. You caused it. She could've devoured me as a snack; I was young and didn't mind death. But It doesn't mind it's own business thy must intrude right? You caused my bewitchment. Today you share forecast of folks future. Particularly the ones I care for the most. A light bulb may switch on, and in special rare cases he may change his written destiny."

"It won't happen. Not today I'll tell you that his time isn't now. He'll survive but even worst for pulse, heart, and veins. He'll live miserably with three sicknesses of mankind." Visions of the bad thing reappeared. NO! NO! NOOO! This can't be possible. I must do my part to protect him from It. But my purple crystal isn't enough. It's nowhere near enough.

~Yours Truly,