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2015-06-13 10:19:36 (UTC)


The date for the final hearing as been set for October 2015. I do not know if I am to laugh or cry. This has thrown major spanners in the works! This means I have to stay in my current living arrangements until October (that is, sleeping in the children’s room). Moreover my finances do not add-up, if I am going to be paying the full mortgage which I have to. Any agreement will now have to come in October by the judge. The most important thing is mental strength, having the mental ability to understand where you are and what needs to be done. I am beginning to come to terms with my mental ability. Having said that, this week has been a complete wash out, I just didn’t feel like doing anything, everything (my daily routine) was a chore. I am drawing a line on it and looking forward to the weekend where I can reset and get to the place of my goal. That is to be at peace and achieving my daily tasks. I have stopped my sport betting – which will be very hard as my income is not close enough to my expenditure even after cutting back. My sport betting sometimes helps to elevate the situation. Now I have decided to stop as she is using it against me. She has stated in court papers that I am a gambling addict. This is so untrue similar to the malicious lies she told her friends about me. Saying I get home drunk and beat her up…I get home drunk wearing a condom etc…..these are very damaging allegations she is telling her friends (which are all malicious lies).

I really do not know what the future entails. Work (employment) is so unstable and we have just had another salary cut (4%) but it can get worse as they are going to cut staff even further. My business is in stagnation as we are trying to get the necessary license and fulfil the regulatory requirements.

I think what hurts me the most is the perception that I may be a bad or irresponsible husband. She has gone out of her way to paint such pictures which makes me quite angry. I hope with time I would be vindicated.