A lady in the crowd
2015-06-12 03:22:22 (UTC)

Becoming Friends With An Outcast.


Pedro Vicente pushes
Against a rowdy crowd
Sticking out a zit faced misfit.
He won't say much
Keeps his head
Tilted downwards.

Speeding away wearing
Fashionably late
untied laces.
Something's there
It shines on
My curiosity highly intrigued.

I've liked
Since freshmen year.
An outcast,
Four eyed freak.

You wear fish scented cologne
Buggers dripping under your nose.
Scrawny frame
Smelly feet
None other than a clumsy geek.

Something wears off you Pedro
Not your awkward greasy forehead
Nor ointment.
I don't know why but,
Sit by my side
Lets become friends.

Authors Note: I had him for two periods throughout my sophomore year: Spanish and Geometry. He's your typical social outcast that every High school has. Nothing sexy, muscular, or athletic. So our ladies gaze over him to catch a glimpse of football & track star, Javier Valdez. I rolled my eyes and kept my attention focused on Pedro.
I invited him to sit at my table and we soon established a bond. Every time we spoke he took me back into the happiest memories from my childhood. We battled together with his Yu-Gi-Oh deck and fought with Bakugan. He shared his DSI with me and showed me his collection of games and impressive high scores. He always carried chocolate in his pocket and, he regularly shared a piece with me. There we were the jock and nerd having a nice chat about Mortal Kombat.
"What the fuck?," my so called 'friends' sneered.
"More like shut the hell up and don't ask!", I snarled back at them.
No I didn't like him in that type of way; I see him as a child, and I am no way near becoming a molester.

~Yours Truly,