Dick's Story
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2015-06-10 07:54:17 (UTC)

today is the day

on the 0703 single train. mentally challenged black woman across the aisle. nothing on the calendar for today. tried to call jeff. no answer. sent text to jeff. modified tmac start up documents. spoke to sam.c and jerrod.c regarding cal of neut. yokagawas. maint. notification issued. taproot scheduled for next week. walked tower valves with scott. maint. notification issued to chk (8) auto valves. went for a run. el corazon. free lunch downstairs. took a snooze in the brine replay booth. created dwgs to modify ramp and add clearance for lock pin on media prep lift. signed mro doc for jerrod. talked to kevin about machining job on media prep lift parts. scheduled appmt with fidelity. issued maintenance notification to check leakage on all tower auto return valves. discussed with scott beck.