A lady in the crowd
2015-06-10 06:45:51 (UTC)

In the Name of God.

In the Name of God.

A child hides away
A Father angrily roars in desperation
What will we they do now?
Unite as a Family
'Of course.

Christian morals
become nothing
A strong sense of sanity,

Put em' to sleep
You'll save him some

"Come here my little Chuck
Sit above my lap
I'll wack your head with a hatchet
Sweet dreams boy
Don't forget to say goodnight!"

All in the name of God
Great old Holocaust,
Mountain Meadows massacre;
The Inquisition.

"In the name of God!
Daddy knows best
Sweet child of mine, take your final breath!"

~Yours Truly,

Authors note: Fanatics met no bounds into doing terrible things. All under the name of religion. I have a small church gathering of females come down my home every Saturday evening. Yet I don't believe the words they say. Nor that any religion speaks the actual truth. "Unlike the countless world-wide religions, this one guarantees eternal life. We are good, so we are saved. The rest aren't. They're bad, cruel people." Sure Ma'm keep feeding me a baloney bullshit sandwich. The odds are that anyone could be a horrible murder. A well respected priest from the orthodox church could've raped and murdered a little girl. Maybe the atheist could have been the only one who tried to save her. A man who goes to church every Sunday may be horrible, and a man who doesn't open a bible could be kind. It works Visa versa. There's a little bit of everything in this World.