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2015-06-10 00:39:13 (UTC)

Acceptance is Key

If you know or feel that a relationship may potentially in the end, fail, then is it right to continue it? And not even due to you, but to the other party involved. Your worried they will just not be what you expected or in it as willing as you are, when it comes to something as having a baby. Although he makes it VERY clear that he wants to have a child with you. (only one ; something we both agreed upon.) Will it basically be all you raising this child? This mainly due to the age difference between you both. 19 and 44. I know what your thinking, but honestly age is totally just a number, maybe not physically but mentally and maturity wise it is. I'll get into that a different day. I also know what else you are thinking, if she asks so many questions whether they should continue or not, then does she REALLY love him? The answer is absolutely. In fact so much that i cannot even imagine myself without him being in my life, that if someone else were to have him and even the thought of that, makes her scared and jealous. But you know i'm almost more than positive other women ask their selves the same things. The difference though, is i know it will work perfectly between us if i want it too. And I do, i also accept the fact that when we have a child together, that i will be the main one getting up in the night. Don't get me wrong, he does work VERY HARD during the day to provide for us. Acceptance is key to every situation, good or bad.

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