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me and my life
2015-06-09 18:13:13 (UTC)

stuckup life

My life is as it was. Wen i look back its as it is. M not able to makeup wat i think mayb i am not givg my 100% or mayb my luck is not favouring me or mayb i hav somthg good stored donno being positov but nothg is working out.
Couple of weeks back i met my coll frenz on one friend's engagement ceremony. We all met after long time n all updated abt dem self dey all r happy working in rwputed firm havg good package n now looking for boy to get married. N wat abt me i have zero wiit me in all aspectm i am the most inferior amongst all. Gayu has fantastic life i fear meri nazar na lage usko coz i get so surprised by looking at her life how come evrythg can b perfect she live life wat i dream of. God bless her.
Looking for job. Its been 1 n 10 days m jobless. The part of my life wic i alwas hav to face. I hope it will end soon.
I am engaging myslf in work so not to get depressed. I feel to cry out loud. I feel shy in front of dad n mom dat i live like burden on dem free of eatg i wasnt givg dem money but atleat i was shelling out for my expense now i can not do dat also. Now dad also strated talking abt me to mom dat ask her to stick anywer n help me montary at house he is also rite i donno wat to do?
Wat is stored for me. I have hoped alot n i have being stting n positive alot but i dont see any good comings out of it. Donno donno just fucking donno. I am so shamful dat i cudnt do anythg for my mom on her birthday noy evn a single penny all sis did. Now her bday is nearing n i am pennyleaa i cannot shell out mu saving wic is formy.marriage. dey do ao much for me n wen its my turn i am zero. So disgraceful.

God wat? Wat is all haping? N y is all hang wats good in dis of mine?.
I apply to so many jobs but no sucess only loss n disappointmt.i belive in u pls dint test my so much of patience god pls m ur child like other dan y being partial??
Help me
Mom ill soon it out i am sorry.