My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-06-09 10:26:49 (UTC)

Life is Messed Up

Life is seriously messed up. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes life is great and everyone you love is happy and nothing is going wrong. Then sometimes life is a bitch and everything that could possibly go wrong is happening and you just do not want to live anymore. Seriously, messed up.
At the moment, my life is kinda in the middle. School is going great, apparently I am the top of my ICT class or so my ICT teacher tells me, my social life is great I finally broke things off with A (confusing bitch that was my best friend for 3 years but fucked up big time) and I have a boyfriend who I am happy with and he is great.
Speaking of the boyfriend, we went to a disco last Friday night and he actually danced unlike my ex and we both had fun and I had my first slow dance. SO AMAZING. I loved it.
But at the same time that so many things are going great, family currently sucks. My bitch of an aunty just keeps causing trouble. And her - what we hope and assume - was drunk girlfriend (yes she is gay but I am cool with it and so is everyone else and that has nothing to do with this) decided to text my mother and tell her that she was a fucked up bitch. Of course that was like a slap to the face for everyone in my family. And my father didn't react as he should have so there was much yelling of the parents and much crying of the little brother. And my poor uncle who was visiting at the time just sat still on the couch and stared at the wall. It was hell. But everything is sorted out now, nobody talks to that aunty or her girlfriend and no one speaks of them.
Also with that aunty though, the reason all of this fighting started was because she stole $30 000 from her mother - my grandmother - and didn't even apologise or acknowledge what she did and my parents discovered this.
But anyway, now I'm bitching about my bitchy aunty. Great. I shouldn't be complaining when everything is so great. I am very fortunate and having first world problems.
I just need a hug then to move on.

PS: If there is a random person hugging people on the news, that's me :D

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