A lady in the crowd
2015-06-09 05:41:04 (UTC)


This morning I renovated my room. I allowed my OCD to flow freely. I re-organized my closet, selves, and cleared away the old. Soon I went to Mexicali to run errands with Armando and Aunt Trini. We were blessed enough to have a short line, yet we were sent off to second inspection; murdering another hour of time.

This afternoon was disastrous! I went biking throughout Victoria's Villas. As I kicked up my speed, my bicycle chains burst out of place. I was thrown out of my bike "Fuck me Jimmy!" I cussed loudly. My hands and knees were left scrapped on the streets pavement. My initial plan of biking was to buy razors at Seven Eleven. So I walked along side my broken done ride. Another step closer to having soft skin. Tragically the razors in the store had ran out. It took me ten minutes to fix up my two-wheeler vehicle. I viciously peddled my way to Tony's market. The master plan was complete. A handsome queer guy said,"Hello." Despite being out of breath I smiled back.
It was a rough session at the gym. I worked on core, arms, and legs. At last I arrived home. I walked above the stairs. Each step I took my knees felt heavy anchors of soreness. The last time I felt that was during track. I showed some self-love and decided to pamper myself this evening. I read in my bathtub, shaved, trimmed, painted my nails, plucked my eyebrows, and massaged my feet. Yes I've desired this heavenly moment for so long.

~Yours Truly,