A lady in the crowd
2015-06-07 20:49:38 (UTC)

A Happy Weekend!

This was a weekend focused on forgetting about my office, job, and paper work. I felt overwhelmed. Finals are past tense, and my second semester read straight A's. Enough to satisfy my family in making them feel proud.

It was time to act my age. Simply to act as a regular teenager. Juan, Kimberly, and I enjoyed the kickback that Laura hosted at her pool. The music on the speakers blasted: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, all of the good stuff from the golden age of rock.

We feasted on pizza, chips, and chugged down our red cups. We broke into sessions of uncontrollable laughter, to the point where my sides began to hurt. We rode the water slide and fell into a six foot drop. Doing tricks of cannonballs, flips, somersaults and hand stands.

The sun set and a sudden cold breeze filled the air. So we changed out of our bathing suits and went inside the house. All of us sat down on the coach and browsed Amateurs from playboy on the plasma. Then Kimberly and I went off to petting Laura's pet rabbit. Despite him being aggressive and nearly biting our fingers off, we successfully fed him a carrot.
I awoke on Saturday morning with a nest of tangled hair, and a bedazzling headache. I rushed downstairs to drink a mug of black coffee. My Grandmother rushed me into our Jeep. We scurried off to the Salon for a scheduled hair cut. I felt entertained for two hours since I got to watch the Champion League finals. Juventus vs Barcelona finished it off with a score of 1-3. I'm relieved that I didn't miss this soccer game.

The late afternoon was banquet for Drama Club. I paid tickets for my Uncle Jaime, Grandmother, Kimberly as my guest. The food was served, future leadership was announced, the awards were given, and long speeches were well said. I regret eating the meat because now I'm suffering from diarrhea.

Overall this weekend's been a blast (Except for the my nauseating sessions in the restroom.) Now it's Sunday evening. I'm excited to visit the cinema to watch San Andres. Mostly to eat popcorn and drink soda one last time before Cross Country practice begins.

~Yours Truly,