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2015-06-05 23:26:10 (UTC)

Gratitude Towards Change.

October 2014

Dear someone unknown,

Here lies a tale of questionable times of uncertainty. A darkened room hidden behind a curtain on a late afternoon. Lies a lazy woman in a cocoon shell wrapped under layers of thick blankets. Hypothesized in a chamber of deep sleep. Only to be awoken by hunger and an antagonizing hangover.

I decided to take advanced courses, join multiple clubs in campus, and work two jobs as a part time tutor and babysitter. I questioned whether I was cut out to for it. Or worse, does an immature clown like me even deserve a chance? What in the World have I signed up for? Even my family tilted their heads when they saw my schedule. It's took a lot of courage that I didn't have. To put myself in shoes that fit me three sizes to big. My reputation of a rebel had to be buried under the grave.

But I felt this as a must, as a quenchable desire to challenge myself. This rocked my World and flipped everything inside out. I gave a distant hello to my trouble making companions, as I slowly separated myself from them. I began talking to new crowds of people.

~Yours Truly,

Authors note of reflection: They never laughed at my wildest dreams. Many thanks to my supportive family. Including companions: Jessica Chavez, Esteban Palomino, Amna Asaid, Manuel Perez, Evelyn Jiminez, Vanessa Villegas, and (how could I ever forget) extra thanks to Sammy Villasenor. I believe that without any one of these people, that I might've not been able to have the strength to slightly grow as a person. I'm moving in baby steps but I'm heading towards a direction that motivates me to continue walking among these footsteps. Guiding me to push it just a little bit farther.