Story of a Girl
2015-06-05 23:33:38 (UTC)

Graduation & Quinceañera

So, the seniors at my school had their graduation ceremony today; it started at 12PM & ended around 1:40PM-ish. I arrived at the band room five minutes before 10AM (our call time) and set up my instrument. The people who were actually there were very little--three saxes including myself, two trombone players, one sousaphone, three clarinets, and two flute players... It was basically empty. After running through the piece twice, the rest of the band members appeared out of thin air. We finally had 4 flute players, 7 clarinets, 6 saxes, 4 trombones, 3 trumpets, and 5 people from percussion... Along with the rest of the members that came late, Elías came with them. He apparently wanted to play with us (and for Ellíe) and the band director was more than happy to let him borrow a horn. Actually, she hinted that we would need as many other students as possible, so he helped play with the other sousaphone--now 2 people on sousas. We ran through the two songs a couple of times before the buses arrived. Band students took one bus while orchestra kids took the second bus. Fifteen minutes later, and we arrived at the stadium center where the graduation ceremony was taking place. When we got there, we were directed down the huge ramp and into the backstage area. There, we were surprised to see that the seniors weren't backstage with us. We went onto the actual stadium to set up out instruments in our little band corner. We had NO idea where we were supposed to be seated because of orchestra, and after much discussing (arguing), we finally settled on where we'd all be seated. After unpacking, we were given our only opportunity to get a drink of water or to go to the restroom. I followed everyone else to the water fountain, but apparently it had been removed, so when we found water... we weren't allowed to drink from there. So I ended up going back to the band corner to wait for the seniors to arrive. After a few minutes of waiting, we began playing Pomp & Circumstance three times in a row until all the seniors were seated, and we played Star Spangled Banner afterwards as the ROTC students walked down the aisle with our state/US flag. After that, the Principal & student body gave their incredibly long speeches before a few final performances. The choir kids did a cover of Roots Before Branches from Glee (a ton of people in the audience were using the flash on their phones as lighters & waving them around), and after a few more speeches, the mariachi kids performed Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes by Vicente Fernandez. During the final speech, there was some kind of technical difficulty because the camera was first aimed at the girl giving the speech, but then this camera went through some kind of journey, displaying a bunch of the techies & weird background stuff on the giant screen. THAT was probably the most entertaining part of the entire event; it was hilarious watching the techies struggle to put the girl back on the cameras. After that, the diplomas were handed out for what felt like forever. Every time one of the band members would be called, we'd all cheer extremely louder than everyone.

Parents: Woo! Oh yeah!


When Elízabeth was called, we ALL screamed like there was no tomorrow. Elías pulled out his air horn & started blasting it until she got off stage. The teachers handing out the diplomas really hated having to say her entire name. It was like, "Elízabeth Lucille de Santiago Torres... VILLANUEVA. CONGRATS. TAKE YOUR DIPLOMA." and then they rushed her off the stage. I remember when I was at Elías' graduation ceremony, the teachers didn't even bother finishing his entire name. Literally, it went like this: "Elías Leónardo de Santiago Torres-- congratulations." They basically skipped his entire name, and I kinda don't blame them; he's got a freakishly long name that takes like 15 years to finish reading. But with Ellíe, they actually DID announce her name, they just rushed through it. So after Ellíe got off stage, we went back to being quiet until the next band student was announced. While I waited, I tried to entertain myself by playing with my hair... until I noticed that someone brought a FUCKING toy plane into the stadium. "Is it flying up?"



So that was pretty interesting. When STEPHEN was called up to get his diploma... shit, man. I was the FIRST--literally--person to stand up. "WOOOO! STEPHEN!" I was the only one clapping super loud & standing, and most of the band kids just gave me weird looks. I was surprised that he had heard me because he waved & the camera showed him waving. When JAZZY went up there, it was a whole fucking riot--in a good way. It kinda felt like every in the stadium was cheering for her. So after more names being called, the teachers said their final goodbyes & then the theme song from Friends started playing as the parents went to hug their kids. Meanwhile, US band kids started singing along with the song. "I'll be there for YPOOuuuUuUuUuuuu!" After hugging all the band seniors, we had about five minutes to pack up our instruments & meet by the buses. Elías left with his parents & Elízabeth, so I found myself being seated with one of the clarinet players for the bus ride back to school. Everyone was eager to go home, and we all kinda shared our final goodbyes. Well, except for me. I just kinda ran out, expecting my dad to already be there. So while I waited HALF an hour for my dad to pick me up, I talked to Stephen. He was going to Texas for a week & wanted to talk to me in private before leaving; he called me to ask where I was & I told him I would be waiting for a long time to get picked up, so he was lucky enough to arrive before I actually did get picked up. We both sat on the sidewalk & I guess, talked... It was probably one of the most sincere conversations we've ever had. I'm going to write down as much as I can remember, as it'll come in handy for my little project thing.

We talked about feelings--or, more like his feelings for me. He told me he's liked me for the longest time (and he was making it PAINFULLY obvious) and he knew that I didn't feel the same for him, but he just wanted to tell me in person. Just so that he could be able to say that he confessed & wouldn't have to deal with the lingering feeling of regret.

Stephen: I'm not expecting you to break with Elijah or anything--

Me: Elías.

Steph:--but I just wanted to let you know, you know?

Me: I appreciate it, ya dork. *goofy smile w/ thumbs up*

Steph: This is like a huge weight off my back. *smiles*

Me: So, is that why you won't date any other girls?

Steph: For the most part, yeah. The girls at this school are fucking ugly. And slutty. But you're not slutty & you're actually cute.

*my dad arriving*

Me: Uhhh

Steph: Anyyyyywaaay, I guess I should be leaving. I'll be back to annoy you in a week!

We hugged it out & then I went home. So, Guy has a mexican girl friend whose birthday is (is was the correct tense?) today... Her FIFTEENTH birthday. As a mexican girl, a fifteenth birthday party is a pretty big deal to her. Long ago, she had asked Guy to be her chambelan, and since her parents are friends with his, they said yes on his behalf. He didn't want to be rude by saying no & I feel him for that, so he didn't bother going against his parent's decision. He's been attending the dance practices & stuff; the dances at the quince would consist mainly of cumbia, norteñas, and Guy's ultimate favourite, bachata. Since those would be the primary dances (or genre of songs being played), he wanted to at least teach Renett the basics of those dances, since he wanted to take her as his date. Renett was pretty excited to learn, though she did struggle a bit. I was almost as eager as Guy to show Renett how to dance because we're both super secluded about our culture. We rarely get the chance to show anyone how to dance, so this would be our first time & it was actually pretty exciting. It's like, as if we were giving her a part of ourselves... Not sure if that made any sense. She struggled with cumbia the most, but she was able to pick up bachata & norteñas easily. Actually, she REALLY liked dancing to bachata with Guy. They were dancing to "Te Robaré" by Prince Royce during one of our separate practices & they were doing all these body rolls & spins... complicated shit for me. We spent all of last week practicing those dances, and SOME parts of this week. Today, we'd be able to see her hard work pay off.

My dad was kinda skeptical about letting me go to the quince--only because he didn't really want me going alone. It wasn't until he saw Renett & Elías that he was a little more convinced to let me go.

Dad: Who are you going with? Do you have a date?

Me: ...Noooooo. I'm just going with Leó & my friend Renett. Just friends *looking at Leó* ...going out.

Renett: *waving*

Elías: I'll have her home before midnight, I promise.

Dad: O-oh, no worries. I trust you'll take care of them both?

Elías: Of course!

Dad: Alright kids, have fun. Tell your father I said hello!

Elías: Will do, have fun at the dinner party!

And that was literally it. Y'know, having my dad confine in Elías can be really helpful sometimes. Like... if my dad knew we were dating, there'd be NO way that he'd ever let me be alone with him. But my dad thinks we're just best friends--and we want him thinking that for as long as possible--and he'll trust Elías around for whatever reason. In a way, he kinda thinks of El as my older brother, which I guess is okay because either way, he trusts him & I'm able to go out. So once my dad left, Renett showered in our bathroom while Elías & I talked about random things. At the time, I was showing him this really cool seashell bra that Amber had brought for me.

Elías: It looks like it's crushing your boobs... ouch.

Me: Not really, but Amber bought it without looking at the size of it. She says I can pull it off, though.

Elías: ...Don't I get to pull it off too? Heeeyooooo.

Me: Oh my god.

Several dirty puns later, Renett finished her shower & then it was Elías' turn to freshen up. While he showered, I helped Renett get ready. I let her borrow one of my favorite dresses; a black skater dress with a sheer fabric that covers the area around her neck & shoulders. I also let her borrow a pair of black pumps that I had, and the pumps came with cute little bows on the straps. I helped straighten her hair & then curled the tips, applied her eyeliner and uuuugh. I MADE HER LOOK SO PRETTY! I gave her a small clutch to put her stuff in & then Guy & the other GUYS (hahaha bad pun) came to pick her up. The chambelans were dressed as mexican paisas, complete with their boots & hats, so Renett's look worked very well with their theme. As for myself, I chose to wear this peach & black high-low dress that I had sitting in the back of my closet; it's not exactly something to wear to a quince, but I just REALLY wanted to wear it. Since Evelyn & I have the same shoe size, I borrowed her pumps, which were the same ones I let Renett borrow. I put my hair up into a high ponytail & added a bow to where the hair tie was--I FELT SO FUCKING PRETTY. Once I was done getting ready, I walked into my bedroom to see Elías wearing his paisa clothing as well. He has his black jeans, black & navy blue cowboy boots, white cowboy belt, his dark navy blue cowboy shirt, and his black cowboy hat. His shirt had a few unbuttoned buttons AND HE JUST LOOKED AMAZING. Jesus christ. So on the ride there, we were both acting really stubborn over something really stupid & the entire ride was literally like this:

Me: Whiny little prick.

El: Punk ass bitch.

Me: Obsessive over-dramatic scumbag.



El: Nooo, I should be the one apologizing.

Sometimes I really like that we make up so quickly. So the rest of the car ride was spent listening to music & bickering over little things, like which song to listen to. We got to the reception center at around 7PM & gave the gift to the birthday girl. We sat down with Guy & Renett, who were already eating. The party was full with tons of mexican food--tacos de carne asada, arroz blanco, gorditas, chilles rellenos, enchiladas, and a bunch of other stuff. About half an hour later, the first surprise dance happened. The dance was bachata, and the song was Xtreme - Te Extraño & the dance was well choreographed. After that, there was a small break for others to dance if they wanted to. At this point, El & I were the ones dancing to norteñas with a few other people who were also dancing. About 20 minutes later, there was a second surprise dance with Guy dancing with the quince girl. The damas were dressed as cowgirls (to match the chambelans) with their short denim shorts & plaid shirts that were tied around the midriff. They also had their cowgirl boots & hats, with the quince girl wearing different colors than the rest. It THEN occurred to me that Guy was also wearing different colors than the rest of the guys, so he was probably the main chambelan for her, or whatever he's called. So, they were dancing to some norteña song that I don't know the name to, and Renett was getting PRETTY jealous from watching, mainly because the girl was getting way too sensual. After the dance, Guy came over so that he could dance with Renett, but: (this was hilarious to watch in person)

Guy: Come dance with me, c'mon.

Renett: *pouting* Why don't you go dance with your new girlfriend, huh?

Guy: Renett, seriously, just dance with me.

*Birthday girl walks past*

Renett: *pissed off* There's your pretty little girlfriend, why don't you go say hi to her? Maybe you can go dance with her too, huh?

Guy: *pissed off blank face* JESUS CHRIST, RENETT. *pulling her up from seat* You're gonna dance with me, okay?


Guy: WHY AM I DATING YOU? *holding onto her hand, dragging her*

Me: *watching them walk away* I get jealous too, but not like that. Thank god I'm not like her.

Elías: *choking on drink*

Me: *glaring* WHAT?

Elías: Nooooothing.

And even though Renett didn't want to, she was having fun dancing with Guy. At first I could see her hitting him on his chest but then a minute into the dance & she was resting her head on him, so I mean, I guess he got through to her. It was cute watching them dance, too. They appeared to genuinely be having fun, and it made me happy to see them having fun.

Once they were done dancing, I confronted Renett for a minute.

Me: Why are you going all out of this stupid boy? *pointing at Guy who is deciding between Sprite & Sierra Mist*

Renett: Because I like this stupid boy! Even if he drives me insane... but I drive him insane too.


Guy & Renett stayed for a little longer, but Elías & I had left earlier... I guess I had a good day. It's definitely a good start to my summer vacation, even if Elías is leaving tomorrow. I'm just not gonna let that thought get to me.

And, congratulations to anyone else who is a part of class of 2015!