Story of a Girl
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2015-06-04 22:36:15 (UTC)

School's out!

School is officially over! I no longer have to see any of the students in my class until August, and I'm finally able to sleep in for the next three months. I thought this final week of school would be more emotional, but I guess not. I was A LOT more excited about the fact that I would finally be able to catch up on sleep.

Starting the week off, Monday was pretty okay. I would be spending 2 hours working on my 1st period final semester exam, and the rest of my classes would be shortened to about 40 minutes each. As soon as I came into class, I saw Guy & Stephen, both with their heads down. But since the girl who sits next to me wasn't there, Stephen was already sitting in her seat next to mine. I went over to grab a scranton when he called my name & told me he had already gotten me one.

Me: Thank you for getting me a scantron.

Steph: *yawning* Yeaaah, no problem. *eyeing me & stretching* You look pretty today. Is it just because, oooor?

Me: Just because.

Steph: Cool cool.

And then he went back to sleep. I was kind of SUPER nervous for this final exam because I honestly didn't pay much attention throughout the semester. Most of the time, I was busy worrying about turning in papers on time to get a passing grade... but I wasn't grasping any information. Luckily, someone said they would fail & then the teacher said not if we had our cheat sheet.

Student: Wait... so you mean we can use that paper?

Teacher: *laughing* I'm sayin', y'all don't listen! *walking up to center of room* HEY Y'ALL. This paper right here, you guys can use it on the test. It's LITERALLY the answers to the entire test. It'll look for very similar to the actual thing.

So everyone was like, "THANK THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!" and we all pulled out our cheat sheets from our backpacks. With the cheat sheet, the test was pretty simple--I finished around 7:46AM, and I had until 9:14AM to finish. I turned in my test & scantron then went back to my seat to play Tetris. Stephen had already taken his final semester exam in that class because he was a senior & seniors take it a week before everyone else, but he was still required to come to class. And because he didn't have any testing to do, he slept throughout the entire thing--perfect for me. But once I had finished, he looked at me, growled, then ruffled my hair & went back to sleep... Weird, but whatever. Once the bell had rung for regular classes, he got up & ruffled my hair again.

Teacher: Take care, Steph. I expect to see you in the Major Leagues someday. I'll be rooting for ya!

Steph: I'll remember you then, see ya coach. *ruffling my hair* Later fuckers & Bianca, I'm off to graduate.

Guy: See ya, loser.

Steph: *squinting at Guy* Don't be...THAT Guy.


Teacher: HEY.

Guy: Sorry.

Me: *fixing hair* Can you just leave already?

Steph: She wants me gone already, haha. How cute.


AND THEN HE LEFT. THANK GOD. After he left, Guy got up so that he could sit next to me & then we spent the rest of the class period listening to music on my phone. He was still half asleep during that time, though. Once the teacher gave us permission to talk, he started video chatting with Renett through Skype.

Renett: *laughing* Loser, what's up with your face?

Guy: *yawning* Good morning to you too.



Guy: What did you test for?

Renett: Algebra 2, FUCK ME.

Guy: Gladly.

Me: Oh my god.

Two minutes of them making all these stupid dirty jokes, Guy ended up falling asleep. Literally, just dropped down & slammed his head onto the table. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN? One minute he's laughing, and then he just FALLS ASLEEP.

Renett: Sleepy Guy is cute.

Me: I don't know if I should wake him up or let him sleep...

Renett: Let him sleep, I'll see you guys later!

So then she signed off & class ended. Our teacher gave us a very dull sounding, "Okay guys, enjoy your summer break. Don't do anything stupid. Don't die... Yeah. See ya." The bell rang & that was it. When I arrived at first period, it was barely like 9:16AM & there was a huge puddle of water by the door. "Watch your step, just go around." This one kid from my 4th period was there cleaning the water from the eye-wash fountain/shower thing & everyone was there watching him. So once our class got settled down, the teacher assigned certain table groups to do some cleaning around the classroom; if you didn't have your study guide. I immediately pulled my study guide out, but didn't bother opening it. At around 9:30AM, Guy came over to clean my table.

Guy: Sexy cleaning service guy has arrived. *starts wiping desk with dirty wet towel*

Kassie: Ew, those towels are dirty.

Me: Almost as dirty as Guy.

Guy: *slowly lifting head to look at me* Excuse me, what'd you say? YOU WANNA FIGHT?


Guy: I'M GONNA KNOCK ALL THE PINK OFF YOUR HEAD. *touches me with dirty towel*

Kassie: OH HELL NO. EW.


Kassie: Guy, is THIS how you clean at home? *pointing at dirty table*

Guy: ...Ya.

Kassie: You're seriously gross.

Guy: Okay well, you're crusty.

Kassie: But this table is still dirty.

Guy: You're pretty funny if you think I'M actually gonna clean this classroom. That's what custodians get paid for. I'm doing this shit for FREE. *walks to clean table behind us*

So five minutes later at 9:35, Kassie & I were laughing at Guy for doing a pretty bad job at cleaning--it wasn't his fault though, the supplies the teacher gave him were horrible & the teacher didn't want them throwing away the dirty water.

Me: ...A lot of people in this class don't know how to clean. These tables are dirty as fuck.

Kassie: APPARENTLY. I mean, it takes FOUR people to clean ONE table.

Guy: *shouting all the way from other table* TEAMWORK.

So we spent the rest of the period laughing at all the people doing a bad job of cleaning. I honestly wanted to clean so I could do a GOOD job at it, but nah. Third period didn't include any cleaning though, fortunately. The teacher mainly reviewed questions with us, row by row. One important thing about my teacher is that she's incredibly racist towards black people--only four of them in our class. The teacher forgets to hand back enough papers for everyone or to include them in attendance, but all of sudden, she remembers they exist when they do something that's "not allowed." At one point in the semester, Renett asked her while she wasn't handing back enough papers & the teacher replied, "Well, I just assumed that you didn't want to do your work like the rest of my students." Students, as in, black students. So today, Renett didn't do any of her work during class because the teacher "forgot" to give her her assignments. She had a huge final semester essay that we did in class, but Renett was busy doing ROTC stuff so she was excused from class & didn't get to do them. The teacher didn't bother nagging Renett about it--she's letting her fail. Holy wow. Renett was going to ask her why she didn't get her paper back but the teacher just put up a hand, for her to wait. So, you know, having your teacher fail you is always nice. She's either racist or she REALLY doesn't want to be reminded that Renett exists.

4th period was pretty chill, actually. We were supposed to study for our final exam, but then someone started playing music & the teacher was like, "You can use your phone but make sure it not too loud. I doing grade work." I was going to listen to music, but I ended up talking to some girls sitting next to me, and we spent the rest of the period talking about dumb stuff. And then lunch was pretty cool too, I got Jennifer to start talking more! Stephen was acting really weird, like he'd kiss my hand & then smell my hair and...what? DUDE, WHERE IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND? I thought he had one but it must've been one of those girls who doesn't want anything serious. Even Jennifer was like, "I thought you were dating that other baseball dude?"


Jennifer: Steph, what are you even doing them? He's going to kick your ass if he sees you touching his girl!

Steph: Not with that fractured leg he's not.

Me: I'm in a very happy relationship so please go away Stephen.

Stephen: NAH.

So we went to the classroom that we would be in, but some kids came in to tell us we wouldn't be in there. On our way to the actual classroom--we had like one minute until we would be late because the bell rang at 12pm--Jennifer & I started talking about eavesdropping.

Jennifer: I'm gonna be so far apart from you guys. Like, the kids behind me talk about weird things...

Me: Like what?

Jennifer: I DON'T EVEN KNOW. They're just really weird. Sometimes it's like really amusing though & I try not to laugh.

Me: DUDE, I eavesdrop all the time in my classes & some of the kids say really embarrassing stuff but I try SO hard not to laugh--

Renett: *sneaks in between us* HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE.


Me: How much did you hear?

Renett: I wasn't eavesdropping, I swear on it. I literally just got here.

Jennifer: Funny, we were just talking about laughing when eavesdropping.

Guy: *walking between Ren & Jen* I was TOTALLY eavesdropping.

Jennifer: God damn it Guy.

We finished watching Daddy Day Care & then we got to spend the rest of the period doing whatever we wanted. Renett & Guy were being all cute in their seats & I was honestly just trying to tune them out but it was kinda hard when Renett would yell out, "OKAY FUCK YOU, AND FUCK YOUR CHILDREN, AND FUCK EVERYONE."



And then Jennifer confronted us, "It's like fuck is the only word they ever use... It's okay, mine too." So Guy, Jen, and I walked to class then we parted ways. In my 6th period, my English teacher had senior grades to finish up, so he let us do whatever we wanted as long as we were sitting & didn't leave the room. I spent the entire time on my phone listening to music & playing Tetris. I occasionally looked up to poke Guy, who fell asleep again. So then it was time for 7th period... HOLY HELL. So as soon as I came in, my band director was like, "SENIOR WALK. YOU GUYS HAVE EXACTLY 5 MINUTES TO CHANGE, GET INSTRUMENTS SET UP, AND BE OUTSIDE." so EVERYONE was rushing to get changed. I ran into the bathrooms to change & the band director was counting off the time; I BARELY made it with literally a second to get done. We went over to the gym, where the admins were showing us which path to take for the senior walk/storming the halls. We started playing through the cafeteria & as soon as we were outside, my legs were already hurting. We walked through all three buildings, but it was so hard because the admins would keep yelling out, "BAND, COME BACK!" every time we took the wrong path. So, I've been telling my chemistry teacher that I'm always busy with band stuff to avoid going to his archery lessons; we passed by him twice & maybe NOW he'll believe when I say that I really am busy with band. We did one of our dances & I messed up & I felt like he was staring at me, so I hoped he wouldn't bring it up.

After that, we went out to the eating quad near the cafeteria & played Cupid Shuffle, where the seniors joined us in the dance. Then, we played some other song & our school song at the end. We headed back to class to dress out & my band director handed out Participation & Gag Awards; mine was the MVP gag award. I honestly had NO idea what that meant, but I took it as a good thing to be. And that was basically my entire day on Monday. Everything was pretty normal until the actual storming the halls/senior walk thing. A lot of the band members felt like it was one of our worst performances, and it probably was, but then again, the admins told us that they wanted us playing at the last minute.

I came home to really good food, and I ended up falling asleep for about an hour. I was sleep deprived, my legs ached, and I was already comfortable in bed, so why not? I woke up feeling super refreshed, but not so alert. My field uniform was due on the 29th. It was supposed to be dry-cleaned & my band director wanted a receipt to prove it was dry-cleaned, or else I'd be charged with a $50 fee. I told my parents A WEEK before to have it dry-cleaned, but my dad forgot. My mom took it to get dry-cleaned on the 27th, but it wasn't done until the 1st. Well, she picked it up on Monday & eight minutes after 7pm, she told me she had picked up my uniform. So of course, I asked her, "Did you keep the receipt?"

"I hung the receipt with the uniform. Check around."

I checked the uniform... but where'd she leave the receipt? She came in to check & said, "maybe I left it in the car. It couldn't have fallen out." And then she sees that my dog's poop is on its diaper & she starts getting all bitchy about everything. "IT'S LIKE EVERY TIME I COME IN HERE, I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO CLEAN THAT UP. IF YOU DON'T WANT THAT DOG, THEN JUST FUCKING TELL ME. AND IF YOU CAN'T FIND YOUR RECEIPT, THEN OH WELL, TOO FUCKING BAD."


Mom. Do you understand? I NEED THE RECEIPT. Without that little piece of paper, I'm not getting away scotch free. I'm going to be charged a $50 fee, and YOU'RE gonna be the one paying that fee because I sure as hell won't be making my dad pay for it. So when you get a notice from my school telling you that they need fifty bucks from your wallet, don't get mad when I say "Oh well, too bad." back at ya.

So then Elías came over because his parents were going to catch up with my mom; his mom arrived from Portugal so she could attend Elízabeth's graduation ceremony. While our parents were talking, we hung outside in our little patio thing & talked about his second year college plans & transfering to UCLA. And, all of a sudden, my nose started bleeding. Elías was super freaked out & all like, "Oh my god are you okay? DO YOU NEED AN AMBULANCE I'LL TAKE YOU TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM RIGHT NOW."

It was 94°F outside... The hot weather was finally starting to kick in & my nose bleed was proof of that. After a while, his parents left & he had to leave. We were all outside saying goodbye when I walked back in to see my baby sister poking at a broken glass cup. I'm like "nonononono get OUT OF HERE" and my mom was getting all mad at me for having left a glass cup in the room.


I am NOT the only one using glass clups. You do realize that I take ALL of the heat for my sisters without wanting to, right? Briana left that cup there while I was sleeping. BRIANA. My name is Bianca, not Briana, so please stop giving me so much shit for THINGS I DON'T DO. It's so unfair that because I'm the oldest, I'm automatically at fault.

I went over to get a broom & my mom's like, "Did you get the sweeper?"



I wouldn't have attitude if you didn't YELL at me for something I didn't do! So I cleaned up the glass--there wasn't much, just this huge piece of glass & smaller pieces--and I shone my phone's flashlight onto the floor so I could see the smaller pieces of glass. I thought I had picked them up...until I (idioticly) touched the ground with my left palm & my hand started bleeding at different spots. SO YEAH. There were now glass shards on the palm of my hand. Absolutely great. At least I could relate to Guy. Speaking of which, he kept the glass shards in his hand because he said his body would eventually reject them & it'd be easier for him to pick them out, but his body hadn't rejected the shards yet. His hand wasn't bleeding as much as it used to, but it occasionally does. It's better because he doesn't actually bleed through the gauze anymore.

And that was basically my day on Monday.

Tuesday was the second day of testing--my second period Chemistry & third period World History H.

My morning started off a bit meh. I woke up feeling pain on my neck; I probably fell asleep in a bad position. I took my shower, ate breakfast, I did my usual routine. By the time Ellíe & I were ready to leave, my mom was leaving the house. We got into the van & everything was fine. The cars were going slow, but we were still right on time... A few blocks later & we were kind of stuck in traffic. Well, about to be. The traffic moved very slowly & my mom kept yelling at me, "You see why it's important to leave the house early? NOW I'M GOING TO BE LATE AND YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE TOO, JUST BECAUSE YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AT THE EXACT TIME." Several of the cars in front of us decided to make a turnabout, and so did my mom. We went around the apartment complex that we were nearby, and by the time we got to the intersection, we found out that the traffic lights weren't working properly. Everyone was driving slowly & my mom was pissed as hell. My mom dropped us off by the cafeteria doors, since the gate Ellíe & I usually went through was locked, and she drove off. We made it to school four minutes before the actual bell rung, so I guess it wasn't too bad. Ellíe goes off to her class & Leslie calls me over with Jennifer. We talk about testing & then the bell rung, so we went our separate ways. I arrived at my classroom & everyone seemed dead tired, even more than usual. My teacher handed out the packet, calculators, a periodic table, and the scantrons. The test was 60 questions & it wasn't too bad. It was very similar to the study guide that he gave us... I regret not studying. For the majority of the test, I guessed. They were educated guesses, but guesses nonetheless. I finished my test at 8:04AM & we all spent the remainder of the testing period in our seats. Once we were done testing, my teacher confronted me about not having me out on the archery field & I was honestly feeling uncomfortable; I just came up with a quick bullshit "band keeps me busy" excuse. He then asked me about the school I might be moving to, and when I told him, he had that, "...Yikes." face. He even told me he didn't want me going there. I DON'T SEE WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT THAT SCHOOL. Like, honestly. I met up with Jennifer & Leslie, and as we passed by (my old) their classroom, Renett & Guy snuck up on us.

Renett: Huuuuuuuuurrrrrrr

Jennifer: I am going to fffffucking kill you if you keep sneaking up on me like that.

Renett: AHAHAHA.

Me: I said hey wassup hello.

Renett: It's your *elbowing Guy who's texting someone* GIRLFRIEND.


Renett: GOOD.

Jennifer: Oh my god, Leslie, did I tell you that they're dating?


Renett: Thank youuuuu *pulling Guy's hair*

Guy: *growling* You wanna go!? *flicking Renett*

Renett: *pinching* I don't hate you, I swear.

Guy: *laughing* I swear I don't hate you either.

Jennifer: GOALS.

So we all walked over to OUR history classroom but the door was locked, so we sat down for like 3 minutes before walking around again until the bell rung. When Jennifer & Leslie went back to their classroom, the three of us went back to ours & saw that the teacher was actually serious about giving us new seats. She placed me in Mari's seat, and Mari in mine. Renett was like two seats behind me, and Guy sitting all the way in the back by himself, all isolatex. It wasn't until Mari was switching around the name tags that everyone was moving, until the teacher noticed us moving around. She gave us the test--only 80 questions--and it wasn't so hard... the test was actually ALL our tests from the semester. It was like one giant test of every test we took for the semester. Literally, the same questions from the tests. IF I HAD KNOWN, I WOULD'VE STUDIED. I remembered a lot of the answers, so I think I did pretty good. At least C-worthy. After that, the bell rung. I was probably the only one who said "Have a nice summer, miss" as I walked out. She smiled & said, "thank you, don't forget to come back next year." I kinda felt bad for all the shit she gave our class, even my English teacher said, "She's one of those teachers that you hate at that moment, but later on, you're glad you had them." I'm hoping that what he said is true. I don't really hate her... it's just, she's so... ILLOGICAL sometimes, y'know?

As I walked out, one of the senior band members came up to hug me & when she let go, I saw Matt hiding behind a tree, staring at me. Not just looking at me, he was STARING & hiding. He was also in my history class sitting one seat behind me, but I didn't even acknowledge him. It was kinda weird that he was staring, and he couldn't have been looking at anyone else because the girl & I were the only ones on the sidewalk. After I parted from the girl, I went over to sit by the rock where I normally wait for my dad. I called him at exactly 11:30AM, when the bell rung... 12:00PM & he still wasn't there. Seriously? Stephen saw me sitting & offered to give me a ride home. Ellíe was in the car with him, so I took him up on his offer & called my dad to let him know I was getting a ride. We went over to a nearby starbucks and:


Me: Holy shit what. Ellíe listens to RATM?

Stephen: Our music taste is the main reason why we're best friends.

*all of us singing to Killing in the Name*

Stephen: Beebs do you want anything?

Me: No thanks, I'm good.

Stephen: *talking into microphone booth thingy* Make that three frappes please.

Me: I JUST said I didn't want anything.

Stephen: I DON'T CARE. You're getting one anyway.

Me: ...I guess, thanks.

Afterwards, Stephen was parking the car in the driveway & my sisters were all outside waiting for me to unlock the door. So after an hour of just listening to a bunch of Metallica in my bedroom with Steph & Ellíe, my mom shows up & all my sisters are celebrating because she came home early. Because my mom really likes Stephen, he came up to her & started being really friendly so that I could get permission to go over to his house.


Stephen: You're gonna come over for a swim.

Me: No I'm not. I'm going to stay home & eat in my pjs.

Stephen: But it'll be fun. It's 97° outside.

Me: Yeah, and it's 79° INSIDE. Where my BED is. In which I can SLEEP in.

Stephen: But Renett & Ellíe are going. I already told them you were going. Guy, Zach, and some other dudes from the baseball team are going too.

Me: OH WELL, TOO FUCKING BAD. I'm going to stay in & sleep.

Stephen: Listen here little girl, I'll personally drag your dead body over to my house & leave you inside my pool so that we can use you as a floaty. You're going. No other choice.

Me: ...I GUESS.

Stephen: Sweet beans, we're gonna leave in 15. You can invite Elijah if ya want. He can just meet us at my house.


Stephen: Yeah yeah, Emilio. I got it.

Ellíe: AHAHAHAHA. I need to use those names sometimes. It'll really tick Leó off.

So Ellíe helped me pack some stuff & we headed out. I did call Leó to invite him, but his dad was driving around the city & didn't want him coming with me. And, El didn't want me going either because "he knows how the baseball guys are" but I assured him I had Guy with me, so things would be okay... Guy has a way of settling issues easily; it's a gift of his. There wasn't a lot of traffic, so getting to his house was a quick drive. Guy & Renett were already waiting outside, so we hurried in & removed the pool cover. The pool was already clean, but Guy was using the skimmer to remove the few leaves that had fallen in. I was watching him use the skimmer but then he started squinting & I directed my attention to what he was looking at.

Guy: *squinting* WHAT are you wearing?

Renett: A bikiniiiiii.


Renett: Hell no! I'm wearing this.


Renett: YOU'RE SO... UGH. *storming back inside*

Me: Heeey, what else is she supposed to wear?

Guy: Actual clothes.

Me: But... we're swimming.

Guy: She can still swim while being fully covered!



Me: WHY?


Me: "Your shoulders turn me on... You've got a sexy elbow."


Me: You're unbelievable. Overprotective much?

Guy: I don't want them looking at her, that's all.

A few minutes later, Renett came out wearing something a little less revealing--it was perfect for the weather, but...

Guy: No no no no nooo. *taking shirt off* Here, wear this.


Guy: I don't hate you.

Renett: *sigh* I don't hate you either. You really are being ridiculous though.

Ellíe: *walking in* AW HOW CUTE.

Zach arrived right after Stephen left to go get pizza, and some other people that I recognized were also there. I wasn't friends with any of them, but I wasn't a complete stranger. I guess we were acquaintances? They actually remembered my name so that made me feel pretty good inside. A lot of them used to be friends with El--probably why I remembered seeing them from somewhere. A lot of them were also people that I used to sit with during lunch last year. While we waited, we all got into the pool because the concrete was burning hot & so was the grass. There was like hardly any space to move around because it was FULL, but it was really nice. I haven't been to a group party thing in forever, so it was just SO nice to be around people my age. Stephen came back like an hour later with what seemed like 50 pounds worth of pizza and soda. Some stayed in the pool, but I was one of the first to leave the pool & grab pizza. I was hiding in this fireplace--it looked like a fireplace, except it was actually a counter. So I was hiding inside the counter/fireplace thingy & Stephen was all like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"


Stephen: Wait wait let me take a picture. Say hi for snapchat


*someone throws football & it hits my head*

Stephen: Aye, who the fuck through that football? Not cool.

Duck: I DID.

Me: DUCK YOU LITTLE FUCK WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? *throwing football back*

Oh yeah, Duck was there! I kinda forgot that he was on the varsity baseball team as well... or was he on JV? No, he was JV last year. Anyway, Duck was there & I spent a lot of time catching up with him. He was one of my really good friends and all of a sudden, we just stopped talking. It was really nice seeing him there... Around 5PM, a lot of us decided we had spent too much time in the pool & that was the end of the little party/whatever is was. We all helped clean up & then we all just kinda left. After cleaning up, Stephen dropped Ellíe & I off at our house. But before he left, he asked if he could speak privately with me and I was kinda spooked out.

Steph: I have an extra entry ticket for the graduation ceremony and I want you to come.

Me: No thanks, I don't need it.


Oh my god.


So then I'M like:

Me: Stephen... I don't want your ticket because I'm going to be there for free. I'm in the band. The band... the band is playing at the graduation ceremony. I'm going with the band. The band will be going there for free.

Stephen: O-oh...

Me: Yeah. I'm already going to be there. Performing. For you. And Elízabeth. And all the other seniors. With the band. Who will be going there for free.

Stephen: Oh... I'm so sorry. You could've at least said that.

Me: I thought you already knew that the band was going?

Stephen: I uh... No, I didn't. Well, I guess I can just give the ticket to someone else.

Me: So I'll see you sometime soon?

Stephen: Y-yeah. Sorry about that. I just really wanted you there.

Me: No worries, it's fine.

Stephen: Goodnight princess.

Me: Stop calling me that.

He drove off & that was it. Guy ended up coming over around 7PM because he left something in my house, but he ended up staying for a little extra with Renett. It was then that Lizzy walked into my bedroom, following my mom.

Lizzy: Your butt did get flatter!

My mom: Look mija, my butt went away. *grabbing own butt*

Me: Oh my god.


Renett: Ohhh, so that's where you get your nice ass from. Cool!

Me: *glare*

Elías: Facts.

Renett: Of course you would know.

Elías: It's like a soft bouncy pillow. And I'm the only one who can claim the booty.

Guy: ...I wouldn't know; I don't stare at my best friend's ass 24/7.

Ellíe: Oh my god Leónard, stop being gross.


Me: Mamá get out of my room. I have friends over.

Lizzy: My friend Araceli has a big butt.

Me: GET OUT OF MY ROOM. *throws pillow*

*mom & lizzy leave*



Ellíe: Oh my god. GOODBYE. *hitting with pillow*

Elías: *Portuguese cussing I couldn't understand, hitting Ellíe back with other pillow*

Renett: *sighing in amazement* I love the E twins so much. They're the most entertaining people ever.

Me: Saaaaame.




Elías: *using so much force on the pillow* F-FACTS.




Renett: The E twins are literal sibling goals.

Ellíe: Trust me, you don't want Elías as a brother.

Elías: Trust ME, you don't want Elízabeth as a sister.

Ellíe: SHUT UP.

Elías: MAKE ME.

Guy: This is like 2013/2014 all over again, hahahah.

We spent some more time watching the E twins argue about stupid things until it was late, around 9PM. All my guests left & Ellíe & I went to sleep... except I was having really painful back pain. My neck still hurt, too. It hurt moving my head to the right, and my upper left side of my back hurt immensely. INHALING hurt, so did sneezing & coughing. Sometimes I wouldn't even need to do anything because jolts of pain would just come out of nowhere.

So that was basically Tuesday for me, nothing too interesting.
Wednesday was probably the most emotional day of the entire week.

My mom was supposed to be taking me to school, but her husband ended up taking me & Ellíe to school instead; we took the same route from the last time that he dropped us off. He dropped us off like 3 blocks away from school... when he could've clearly dropped us off at the back of the school, but whatever. Ellíe & I made it just in time to class, and that's all that mattered. My teacher had to go somewhere as soon as the first bell had rung, so she locked the door & I ended up waiting outside by myself. Some other girl arrived & we talked for a little bit before the teacher had arrived again. As soon as she opened the door, Guy came running into his seat. He just RAN into his seat & flipped over the chair... He probably put too much sugar into his cereal. This one girl that he's been poking fun at--Tiffany--came in talking.

Tiffany: GOOD MORNING Y'ALL. *walking over desks to get to her seat*

Guy: Not anymore.

Teacher: Tiffany, why do you step over other people's chairs?




Teacher: TIFFANY. Class has barely started & you are already mad.

Tiffany: Okay well tell Guy to shut the fuck up.

Guy: Or you can just say it to my face directly instead of hiding behind your phone.

Teacher: GUY.

Guy: Sorry miss.

So after that whole thing with them yelling, the teacher gave us our scantron & formula sheet, and we began testing... It wasn't TOO hard. Though, I felt like it wasn't complicated enough. I used the formulas from the sheet the teacher provided us with, and the answers I got were options on the test, but I felt like I was doing something wrong. If I was getting the answers easily... there's NO WAY I could be correct! Like, in class, everyone will think that they have the answer but then the teacher pulls out some bullshit like:

Teacher: What is 2 2?

Students: It's 4!

Teacher: Actually, first you have to calculate the quantum physics and make sure that your answer doesn't go against the laws of gravity. Then after your calculations, you must graph your answer and when you do that, you'll have to see how far the sun is from distant galaxies and--

And the answer wouldn't be 4, but it'd be 13.

My teacher usually throws curveballs so if I was getting the answers easily on my test, then I was extremely likely to have gotten the wrong answers. The test was only 40 questions long, and I was able to finish at around 8:36AM-ish. Not bad, it only took me 96 minutes to finish. I did guess a few (a lot) times, but they were educated guesses. After the test, we weren't allowed to talk but we could use our phones & listen to music if we wanted to. Guy was seated in front of me (because the teacher didn't want him being near Tiffany) so when he was done testing, he pulled out his gameboy & started playing Pokémon... while laying down on the desk. Like, his legs were dangling & the top of his head was barely touching the seat of his desk.


The teacher even told him, "Guy, you need to sit correctly in your desk."

"Hold on miss, I'm in the middle of a very important battle."

and a few minutes later, he accidentally yelled out, "I KILLED THE FUCKING SHINY."

At like 8:58AM, he saw me playing Tetris on my phone so he thought it'd be funny if he touched my screen in random places; he didn't do well. And like less than ten seconds after that, the Tiffany girl started complaining, "Miss, it smells in here."

Guy: Close your legs then.


Reason #2629201048281937 why I love Guy so much. He makes so many little comments like those... MAN. It was kinda rude but it was so fucking hilarious to everyone else. So Tiffany was all like, "It's the end of the year. I'M DONE. GOOD FUCKING BYE, GUY. YOUR PARENTS COULDN'T EVEN GIVE YOU A DECENT NAME."

"I may have a weird name, but at least I'm known for my name & not for having a fishy vaginal smell OR being a slutty, pregnant freshman."


Victory silence was heard.

The slow clapping & laughtet commenced.


So after that whole thing, Tiffany went to the bathroom to pee & Guy was in a really good mood. "I'm gonna see babe after class. Yay!"

"Okay Guy, good for you."

"I'm gonna see her in 13 minutes."




After that, he fell asleep for the following 12 minutes. The bell had rung & everyone had already left the classroom, except for Guy, who was still sleeping. This cute little happy asian girl in our class was like, "I'd be more than happy to wake him up!" So at first she started poking him, but when he wouldn't budge, she grabbed onto his desk & started shaking it around, yelling out loud, "IT'S A GOD DAMN EARTHQUAAAAAAAAAKE!" And he woke up yelling, "THE CHILLIES ARE COLD." So then she bid him farewell & he walked around the hallways with me. We couldn't find Renett & she wasn't picking up her phone--which was weird because she's on her phone 24/7--so we just walked around until the 10 minute break ended. At one point during the break, Guy was like, "Hey isn't that Matthew over there?" I looked up to where he was motioning at & I could see Matthew walking around by himself in the hallways. And I turned around, but I think he saw us because he walked past but I wasn't paying attention then. And after walking to another building, we made a turn & saw him walking right at us. But then the bell rang & we headed to class. Renett showed up, saying she was waiting for us in the wrong classroom. Our teachers handed out the scantrons & packets--the test was pretty simple. I didn't even need to look at my notes often because I took pretty good guesses. The test was only 75 questions with a written essay; only a paragraph about our favorite film of the year & why we liked it. The whole thing was fairly simple because I was able to finish the entire thing by 10:12AM, a little less than an hour. Guy, Renett, and I finished EXACTLY at the same time, which I thought was kinda cool & worth mentioning. When we sat back down from turning in our papers, Renett asked me, "Which was your favorite?"

"Galaxy Quest. It was the funniest out of all the films."

"I really liked The Outsiders. Greasers, man."

Once we were done testing, we were allowed to use our phones. I spent my entire time playing Tetris until the teacher allowed everyone to talk while the teachers talked outside in the hallway. Renett was trying to show me this Vocaloid song but Guy was trying to be super affectionate with her by kissing her neck.

Me: Can you not?

Guy: I can but I won't. *continuing*

Renett: Can you stop?

Guy: Stop... what?

Renett: *really ticked off* STOP BREATHING.

Guy: No problem. You already take my breath away.

Girl sitting behind us: That was really really bad.

Other girl: I thought that was kinda smooth.

Girl #1: You don't know what smooth is.


But he didn't stop so I was just trying to focus really hard on the song instead of him. After a while of talking about plans over the summer, I walked out of school with Guy & Renett. We ended up meeting with the same senior girl from Tuesday who hugged me; she wanted me to sign her notebook. After that, Zamia came up to us & also asked us to write in her notebook. I wrote her half a page, talking about how much I'd miss her & Mari. Then, we just kinda hugged it out & went our separate ways... our last group hug. I genuinely felt kinda sad because that was the first time we were all together as friends. The last time we'd ever speak again until next year--and we didn't even know if we'd even share a single class together.

I got picked up by my dad (who was at the main office paying for my pep band uniform) and then we went over to pick the rest of the girls up from school. On the way to pick them up, there was a car accident... and the car who hit the other car backed up into the lane & drove off. So my dad was like, "THAT BITCH IS GETTING AWAY, HELL NO!" So he chased after the lady & kept telling me to write down her license plate number... it felt like that one time when my mom got hit by that Cuban dude. The lady drove off & I copied down her plate number onto a piece of paper. After picking us all up from school, he dropped us off at my mom's house (since we were watching over the kids) and I made myself a really good vanilla milkshake. My mom's husband arrived a little later after the kids dropped, and he helped us watch over them. I then took a tiny nap & woke up with my mom already home... It was almost 7:50PM & she still hadn't dropped us off at my dad's house. She was bitching at ME for not picking up the dog's poop. She was sitting on my bed, waiting for me to pick it up. NAH. I was going to take my damn time packing my things. "I'm not leaving until you pick it up." Needless to say, I was pretty pissed. I'm not going to write about that though, so I'm just gonna skip my entire rant about me being pissed off. After a tension filled car ride to my dad's house, she dropped us off & I started looking for the spare key my dad had hidden. I unlocked the door for us & then settled down. I set up my outfit for the day & called it a night.

So yep, Wednesday. Also:


He's never going to live this down, as long as I'm around & kickin'!

And today was pretty okay. I was having one of those days were I genuinely felt kinda cute & pretty! I chose to wear a high waisted cream skirt with a light pink crop sweater, also with white knee high socks & my favorite brown combat boots. My hair was also cooperating with me--THANK THE BASED GOD. It was super soft & curly & just... thank. THANK. Thank you, Based God.

So, Ellíe & I went to the band room to drop off our field uniforms but there were a bunch of people waiting outside, so we assumed the band director wasn't there. We met up with Jazzy & Alondra, who were already waiting there. We talked about having our uniforms washed but not having the receipts, and then the director came. We locked away our uniforms in our lockers before going our separate ways. I was barely arriving at my 6th period classroom when I saw my CHEMISTRY teacher waiting outside by the door, and one of the janitors opening the door. So I said hi & he greeted me in his annoyingly cheery voice & then I went over to sit. As soon as I sat down, he was peeking at me through the door frame. I just smiled because I didn't want him to know I was annoyed & he laughed. So then everyone else came in & then my actual English teacher walked in. "Hey, yo, so I'm gonna go & do some senior grad walk stuff. But I PROMISE, I'll be back to give you some wise advice & stuff before you all leave. TAKE your time on the test, okay?"

So then he handed out the test packets & left. The test was fairly easy--3 passages, 20 questions. Since he used our last essay as our written response semester grade, we didn't have any writing to do. I finished my test at EXACTLY 7:53AM, so I only took about... 33 minutes? Damn. I turned my exam in with Mari's & I sat down to play Tetris. As soon as the first person was brave enough to turn theirs in, everyone else turnes theirs in as well. We were supposed to stay in complete silence until the last person finished... He didn't finish until 8:30AM.

Teacher: Is anyone still testing?

Kid: Not anymore... I was the last one.

Teacher: O-oh. Okay, you guys may talk but please keep it down.

So I spent the rest of the period playing Heads Up with Guy, Jocelyn, and Mari. At one point, my dad texted me--asking for my student number--because he was already in the office registering me for the upcoming school I guess I'm still stuck at this shitty school. Just a few minutes before the bell rung, my English teacher came back. "Uh... Do well, better than this year. And do well the year after that. I know that the majority of you will be going to AP classes next year, though some of you may need to adjust a bit. I believe that you're all smart enough to handle AP... Hm, rise to the level that I think you're all at. Please, have a wonderful summer."

And then the bell rang.

His whole speech made me feel kinda sad inside because I genuinely liked him as a teacher & it's so saddening how one of the COOLEST teachers is leaving to another school. He said we'll still see him a lot around the school, but it's not gonna be the same as having him work here, y'know?

So, as the bell rang, everyone walked out & we all kinda went our separate ways, if we didn't share our next class. Guy went to look fot Renett so he didn't stay with me very long. I walked around the hallway to find the bathroom until I found some friends from band walking without me. I went to the bathroom, walked by myself to the band room, until a friend texted me to go outside to the main ramp. As I walked through the courtyard, I found that it was PACKED. I got to the ramp & say Leslie & Jennifer running towards me & tackling me in a hug. We talked for a while until Jennifer had to leave a minute before her the bell rung, but she told me she'd meet me outside by a tree to get my number. We hugged it out & I followed Leslie down to the restroom. I couldn't stand being near the restoom because it smelled like SHIT. It was like, someone was taking the wildest poop of their life & I get that it's a natural thing, but it smelled AWFUL. The custodians had the door open to vent it out, but that made the cafeteria smell awful as well. The bell rang while Leslie was in the stalls, so I told her I had to leave and then we agreed to see each other at the beginning of next year. I tried to get through the pool of people in the quad & I found myself entering the band room. Most people were there, setting up to take their test. Since we don't have desks in the band room (obviously), we used stands. One of the seniors handed out the test packets & we all started taking the test... LITERALLY the exact same test as last semester. If I had known, I would've studied! After a few minutes into the test, the band director told us it was too quiet & allowed us to talk... most of us were asking each other what the answers to the test were. "Pssssst, what's phrasing & why is it important in band?" "HEY, WHAT IS SUBITO?" "Does anyone know what sforzando is?" "SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT ROLL STEP IS?" And we also had a written response; three questions, but only two had to be answered. Some students wrote a single sentence, while the more PRODUCTIVE students wrote an entire 10 page MLA essay. I was just kinda in between. Since some people still had to do juries, they did them while others finished testing. So during one of the jury performances, (it was my ultimate favourite performance at 10:27am) this flute player named Shana played Hikari from Kingdom Hearts & I was absolutely just fangirling. I hadn't heard a single KH song in a long time so hearing her play Hikari absolutely blew me away. Sometime during this performance, Elías snuck onto campus & came to hug me from behind in class. I didn't actually know it was him until the performance was over, when I looked up to see him looking down at me. He pulled up a seat next to mine & we finished watching the rest of the performances. A while later, the band director welcomed him back & told us to start setting up our instruments so that we could start practicing Pomp & Circumstance/Star Spangled Banner.


Elías: *muttering* Oh shit


BD: Hello to our Saxiest Trombone Percussionist!

*everyone turning around*




And the freshman had absolutely no idea who he was but they joined the bandwagon.

Then, as Elías was helping me set up my instrument, our band director asked if he could possibly help us practice the percussion parts because all the percussionists magically disappeared. So, as we began, this happened...

Director: *baton up*

Students: *going into playing position*

Director: *giving us four beats*

Elías: NOW!

Percussionists: *no idea where they're starting*

Students: *laughing their asses off*

Director: *laughing* That is NOT how you guys will start playing. I seriously hope percussion won't be doing that tomorrow.

Elías: I won't be playing but why can't they do that?

Director: ...Because it's a formal event, ELÍAS. Do you not know how to percussion anymore?

Elías: Yeah... No. I can still trombone & kinda sax though.

Ellíe: We don't need any more saxes playing, thanks. Trombones can handle their shit.

Director: We'll try that again. *baton up, everyone goes into playing position. Gives us four beats*

Elías: *whispering* Now.



Director: Oh sweet baby Jesus, guys.

Guy: There's only one of me here.

Me: Hurr hurr hurr.

And after like three run-throughs, we practiced Star Spangled Banner (because ee already have that memorized due to pep/field band) and that was it. That was our entire day; the bell had rung. I was among the first few to leave. It honestly wasn't much of an emotional day because I only felt kinda sad when I had to leave my English teacher... or maybe it was because I would have tomorrow to play with the band members at graduation? After the bell had rung, Elías & I walked over to the baseball field. Zach was the only one already there, waiting for us. He came up to me & asked, "Are you okay?"

Me: *smiling* What do you mean?

Zach: You're so... HAPPY. It's scary.

Me: I'm always happy!

Zach: *the fuck? face*

Elías: *choking on his own laughter?* NOOOOO NO NO. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOOOOOO. No. Noooooooo. *starts choking & laughing again*

Zach: You are NOT a happy person. And you're happy... what's going on?



Elías: *laughing* She's got so much anger inside of her... Taurus probably gave her edibles or something.

Me: I don't know what you guys are talking about. I'm a happy person. Like, all the time. Happy happy happy.

Zach: NO YOU'RE NOT! YOU'RE AN ANGRY PERSON AND YOU BEING HAPPY IS WEIRD AND CREEPING ME OUT... Plus, it looks like you actually put effort into your outfit. You look nice by the way.

Me: Thanks.


Me: Trueeee.

Elías: She looks naturally pretty okay.


Zach: Are you sure you're okay?

I just wanted to look nice today! Gosh dang it, Zach. Maybe I'm just happy that it's the final day of school, and maybe I wanted to look good on the day when I wouldn't have to deal with any other students from school... So, we waited on the field for others to play a game of... baseball. On the baseball field. We gathered a bunch of our friends to come out & play, since we had the entire field to ourselves for the day (shout out to Guy & Stephen for convincing our teacher). At first I was kinda concerned because Elías still had his cast on, but he was able to walk without crutches, and he was able to run. I TOLD him weeks ago that he shouldn't be putting any pressure on his leg but he just wouldn't listen. If he wanted to run, then I wasn't going to stop him. I just wanted to say, "I told you so." Elías & Stephen were both on the varsity team throughout their high school years--probably the best players our school has ever had, I'm not too sure on that--and since they had the most experience, they got to be team captains. Guy is also on varsity & Zach's on JV, but they didn't have as much experience as the other two. The whole choosing teams was hilarious because Elías was all like "DIBS ON BIANCA" and Stephen was all like "GOD DAMN IT" and he was throwing a hissy fit the entire time. So on El's team, there was him, me, Guy, Nathan, Thayne, Amber, and Donavin. On Stephen's side, there was him, Ellíe, Dylan, Zach, Rosie, Renett, and his stoner friend Kale. We didn't have nine players for each team, but seven was close enough & we would improvise. My team started as the fielding team with me pitching; I was a really good pitcher when I was on the softball team, so it wasn't too hard for me to do it in the baseball game. Softball is underhand throw & baseball is overhand, right? Elías was the catcher, Nathan was on first base, Guy was on third base while Thayne, Amber, and Donavin were the outfielders. The first to bat was Stephen because he KNEW I'd probably be nervous, and I was. I pitched & he landed a pretty good hit, almost a home run. Donavin was quick enough to catch the ball & throw it to Elías who caught it, and that was Stephen's very first out for his team. The rest of the game was actually INCREDIBLY intense because it took me a while to realize... I was playing with VARSITY baseball players. A lot of them already had more experience than I did. It wasn't too bad though. I made varsity this year & it was my first time ever playing softball, but the differences between softball & baseball aren't too major. By the time they got their 3 outs, we switched roles with my team batting. Ellíe was the one pitching with Kale as the catcher. Renett was on first base & Dylan on second base while Rosie, Zach, & Stephen as the outfielders. I was third to bat, and I had a great hit... until Stephen ran the distance to catch the ball. Instant out. That was enough to get me into my competitive mood. In the end, we had a tie & added an extra inning to see if we could come to a winner. Stephen suggested fighting it out with Elías & El was all ready to fight with his baseball bat but everyone else stepped in before they could actually use the equipment to kill each other. At this point, we were doing all that we could to sabotage the game for one another. Whenever it was my turn to bat, Stephen would yell out, "How are you going to run in a skirt?" to get me all nervous--sometimes it did work, sometimes it didn't. After 15 minutes, our group won by 2 points... Stephen was FURIOUS, but congratulated us. The whole game was actually a really good bonding experience. Normally, Steph & Leó are super competitive--and they were--but they didn't fight on the field as much as they did last year. They actually got along for once, and it was really fun to play with them without having to worry about one of them getting hit by a flying bat!

We would've played another game, but we had the field to ourselves for a limited amount of time... and it was the last time we'd do anything as a group. Amber & Thayne only joined us because they were glad Stephen would be leaving, and I honestly didn't want him graduating. I don't think I would've enjoyed high school as much if he weren't around, and now he's FINISHED. Damn.

After that, my dad picked us up from school & took us to the store. Outside in the parking lot, he kept saying "Joto." He was referring to some guy who was wearing a fairy costume. And then my dad got really pissed because I was "laughing"--I was laughing at the way my dad was talking, but I wasn't laughing at the guy wearing the things. My dad would say things like, "He's a fucking faggot. He's wearing pink! And he even has fairy wings!" The way he said it in Spanish made me wanna laugh, but I wasn't actually laughing at the guy himself. "You don't laugh at gay people, okay?"

Me: How do you know that he's gay?

Dad: He's wearing pink! Pinche joto!

Me: *smiling*

Dad: Don't laugh at gay people. It's not right... fucking faggot.

So after leaving the store, he came home to make food & Elías & I locked ourselves in my bedroom. We spent an hour cuddling in bed, listening to music. I'm not sure if all couples do this, but we have our own specific song... WELL, the band for "our" song made an acoustc album, and they went on tour promoting that album. I would've gone to see them, but my mom didn't let me go. I found that OUR song was in the acoustic collection, and we spent the entire time listening to JUST that song... Holy fuck, the acoustic version is absolutely perfect. The original song itself is great, but the acoustic is just UMF. While listening to our song on repeat, we ended up taking a "small" (4 hour) nap together before waking up around 6PM. By the time I woke up, he had left me a note saying he needed to go back to his dad, and that he'd see me at Ellíe's graduation ceremony tomorrow. So, I've spent the entire afternoon trying to entertain myself.

The graduation ceremony is tomorrow, and I'm kinda excited. The whole ceremony is for the seniors who are graduating, but I'd like to think that it's kind of like a graduation for myself--not so much a graduation, but a goodbye kind of thing, since I won't be doing band anymore. Our call time is at 10AM, and we'll be at the graduation center place thingy at 12PM--we'll be back by 2 or 2:30PM. We'll be playing with the orchestra kids as well, so I'm kinda excited.

After tomorrow, I can FINALLY sleep in! And, it's gonna be a bad day too since Elías is gonna be heading back to Portugal & I was just getting used to having him around. He wasn't even supposed to stay for the entire month--he was supposed to stay for two weeks--but after his dad found out that Ellíe had graduation as well, they stayed the extra weeks so that they wouldn't have to pay for plane tickets.

And now he's leaving again for I don't know how long.


I guess I'll just end this here. I'm pretty hungry & I kinda wanna eat something before attempting to get more sleep.

But, before I finish off this entry, I should pr

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