A lady in the crowd
2015-06-03 06:23:07 (UTC)

The Story Teller.

Summer is uprising and my sophomore year is closing in. At this vulnerable age between 15 up to 20 we stumble across many temporary people. Under a pair of optimistic eyes I'll smile, because at one point in my life we were both joyous together. Then negativity shall strike where it becomes impossible to ignore harsh memories from the worst moments.

I'm urged to document my current stages in life, because I have a tendency of having a short term memory. I forget to often. Sometiems the most important people and things have become a blur. What brings me back has always been writing. Saved in RED journals, a blog, or even in scriptures of carvings.

~Yours Truly,

A lot of writing awaits about this entire year. The happy version and dark version of storytelling.