A lady in the crowd
2015-06-03 03:43:58 (UTC)

Questions but No Answers.

The violinist swayed her body in a rhythm of a dancing cobra. The middle aged woman appeared to be in a distant untouchable place. Disconnected from the traffic jam of a busy afternoon in L.A.

She was far in an underground World where the grim reaper tormented children. Where misery shined at its strongest peak. The old wailed. Suffering in pain caused by a flame that never burned out. Heartbreak. No matter the years, or how long ago. They're still miserably in love. An addicting kryptonite that hurt them the most, yes all due to the curse of falling in love. You could hear the mirrors shattering into dozens of small pieces. Tiny but sharp enough to leave a mark; dangerous enough to make you bleed.

Together the woman and violin become one. She continued playing Shostakovich in A minor. A a beautiful unbreakable motion. Time held no limits, and agony respected no bounds. All of her thoughts and emotions laid flat written as notes that she gracefully played on her instrument. Suddenly she pulled away. Stopping in thin air she stood frozen. She unleashed a long petrifying scream that echoed throughout the ballad room. In response the audience jumped in utter shock. Meanwhile the clock ticked slower. In suspense each second felt infinite. What will this crazy bitch do now?

A shock wave of telepathy spread. Connecting anyone present inside of the room. She answered their questions by slamming her violin against the ground. Everyone's mouth hung open. Flabbergasted by the violinist. Millions of more questions appeared yet no answers.
"What happened?"
"What's wrong"
"Why? Why?"
"Why in the World would you destroy it?"

~Yours Truly,