Constant: continuing without pause
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2015-06-01 03:57:53 (UTC)

One other thing, the ex

My ex drives me insane.
He was the perfect guy, literally!
But I always chose Eric!
I tend to think of the ex a lot
I wrote to him the other day
We've been talking
He's engaged (I am happy for him)
He also plans to start a independent community
He always wanted to live off the land and stray from the norm
It's making me think a lot
How much I complain
How much I NEED
How greedy I am
I don't like the society I live in
As silly as it would be I ADORE his idea and drive to do this
It also makes me think if I stayed with him would we be planning the same
Or would we had gone a different route
Who knows!
But I'm thinking a lot
I love that Eric slightly has the same mind set
We want to own a big farm
Grow organic
Be self reliant
But, I know we both still have a lot we can rid of
Get more out of the norm
I envy my ex and his fiancé for that
I wish I could go back and see how our future would be
But I have my son, and he really is the best
I wouldn't change my future
Just need to figure out how to "better" it

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